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The final sendoff

"You have come far and the journey has been difficult. From this day forward your service will be marked with distinction. This class will pave new roads and set precedents of honor. Some of you will know glory but other's contributions may remain noted only by obscurity. But be assured all efforts will be honored as a gift of great bounty. This class will open new roads of research. You will find the answers to questions long sought. This class will bring us closer to finding the cures for which we've waited. The scientific community thanks you for your extraordinary efforts. I personally wish you well for the future. Cheers and congratulations to the Academy class of 2019,." Myron said as he stepped away from the podium. He waited for the thunderous applause that he knew would occur.

Myron presented an eloquent figure in his tuxedo. He took great pride each semester bidding the graduating class farewell. His shoes were polished, his mustache waxed, and his toupee glued firmly down. The tuxedo was a little threadbare but was still quite serviceable and Myron figured his audience cared more about the gesture. He worked diligently on his speech to find the right words as a proper sendoff. He had come to know them all as fine men and women. Each semester, the process was just the same and Myron felt the same sense of loss. There would be new cadets but each graduate of Myron's had earned a spot in his heart.

Myron lined up his troops, pinning ribbons on their chests. He saluted each person as he pinned them and there were some tears. He cleared his throat to hide the grief. He moved quickly because he knew the transportation truck for the class would be arriving soon.

Myron let the memories of the time spent replay in his head as he accepted the nods of approval for a job well done. He knew they were grateful for his work with them even if they couldn't verbalize it. He knew in his head that Mabel appreciated the floral dress Myron had selected for her. He needed no recognition to know that Grady was happy Myron had put his teeth back in his head. Lola was thrilled to be sent off wearing her bra. Maisie had smiled at him when he had taken great pains to get her make-up just right. All of his cadets had been bathed and were left looking quite spiffy. They deserved a fine sendoff. In the quiet of the morgue, Myron had talked to each of them and imparted his wisdom. They laughed and joked and had a fine old time.

When the refrigerated truck arrived, Myron bid his fond adieu by fingering each toe tag as it passed the loading dock.

"Farewell to the Cadaver Academy Class of 2019. May your tissue, skin, and organs be a blessing to others. We thank you once again for your donation," Myron called out.

Word Count 497

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2180327