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Lydia must decide whether to follow her parents footsteps or chase a dream.
At the tender age of sixteen, Lydia continued to lead a sheltered life, one not by choice. Moulded by parental expectations, she chose to vent her personality by any means possible. Neither sock Lydia put on each morning could match, the pairing felt ritualistic and represented the uniformed manner in which her future was leading to.

The offspring of two decorated psychologists, following that field had been decided since birth, a prodigal daughter who was groomed all her life to excel in the practice.

Deep down their little girl only felt love in music, its freedom of expression felt alluring, each note played by her favourite artist would pull a heart-string. A source of inspiration through sound, adding colour to her otherwise plain outlook on life. No doubt she had found her passion, and yet college became a topic that kept her awake at night, barely able to get three hours worth of sleep.

Faced with a dilemma, Lydia's stomach churned at the thought of staying on a predetermined path, and overpowered with butterflies in defying her parents wishes by opting to study music instead.

The idea of living under the scrutiny of two bitterly disappointed parents became a notion so intense, Lydia's chest tightened in visualising those thoughts through her mind.

“All that effort for nothing” her parents were bound to scream in response.

When the day came to decide, Lydia pondered intently, considering whether to chase a practicality or a dream. At intervals her parents asked to know which college she decided, acting as though the course itself was guaranteed.

From their constant pestering, Lydia learned the effects her parents way of thinking had on them. Obsessing compulsively over a life not their own. Her decision was made, no longer would she be their enabler.
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