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by K.HBey
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2181655
The cup of cesar is broken, a blind man is declared guilty.Would he prove his innocence?
It is Friday. The museum is crowded such day and especially in summer. Each Friday the entry is free for both elderly and students.
The museum was built in 1885. It is a real gem.The building resembles to a Roman temple. With four pillars it bears an immense building of four stages. The Roman architecture has been preserved even though the several renews made during years . Many status are sculpted at the museum facet a thing which enhances Roman style . Great shining glaces surround the building.
The museum has earned many prestigious historic objects. Especially of Roman epoch. The great ceramic golden cup of cesar is preserved here and people around the world come to watch such unique object.
It is really an awesome moment to see such people watching the diverse collections.
Even children come in school visits. Guides are everywhere to give the needed information and the history of the objects.

A blind man falls and knocks with the box where cesar cup is. It is broken and a smuggler comes and grabs it but the cup falls apart. The smuggler vanishes . When police comes they do investigations. Tom the blind man is arrested. He is declared guilty. His first crime is smuggling and his second crime the destruction of an expensive historic object.
Videos could not find any trace of the real smuggler.
How could Tom become innocent? How it can be that a blind comes to the museum to watch Cesar cup such exclusive piece?

Rome museum is put under a great security. Mrs Ann is a teacher and comes with her students in a visit to Roma museum. Something has happened with her and she won't to tell anything to the police. When the cup is broken a shinning stone is released from the ceramic. It was thrown when the smuggler lets the cup drop and be broken clumsily. The stone was at the feet of the teacher Mrs Ann. Since she preserved it preciously. However her consciousness tortures her a lot. She puts it in her room.It is preserved in a box hidden in her wardrobe.
Every night she hears baby cries. But she does not care about it. Today at three o'clock at the early morning she sees an immense fire in the courtyard of her house. Her wardrobe is open and the stone is in fire. When she approaches the fire it disappears. She thinks that she becomes just crazy and decides to give the stone to the police. When she keeps the stone it burns her hand.Now she becomes scared. She understands that the stone is maleficent.

Ann is tired and is aware that she did a harmful thing by preserving the stone and that she is paying the price of her act. Ann has strong faith and has never smuggled. She gets many human moral principals too. She wants to preserve the stone because it symbolizes a great history value and it is stunning. It caught her eyes.
Now she wants to redeem herself. when being decided to keep it to the police it hurts her and she cannot know how to keep it to the police.

At the police department the blind person Mr Tom is revealing these facts: Last year I had got an ophthalmic surgery at Switzerland . A lens was put in my crystalline . It is linked to the brain. Virtual images are transmitted regularly . I can see as a normal person. Such day suddenly I could not see anything. It was just dark and I lost my equilibrium and felt. Later I realized that it was a failure of my lens battery.
His speech is recorded by the police but he is still declared guilty.

Ann bears great remorse. She can recognize the smuggler too. She saw him close when the stone was thrown. Joseph his colleague who is a history teacher comes. She reveals to him the facts. They both decide to keep the stone again and declare to the police the facts. Joseph reveals that the stone was in a Roman oven. Romans were polytheists and meditated to the Gods in full cruelty by doing sacrifices there. To exculpate Mr Tom, Ann goes to the police to reveal all the facts. Tom is released and declared innocent.

When they return in order to keep the stone to the police, the wardrobe is opened again, the stone has disappeared.
The day after Ann lives the same scenario at home.She hears baby cries . She sees fire everywhere.
Ann is declared as missing. No traces are found of her..

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