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A query letter for my book.
Arch Sage Thaylus has been tortured by a secret he possess from his teenage years. Now he’s an old man, with a short white beard and a wrinkled face dressed in an azure robe, the attire of an Arch Sage. He lives in a realm of seven kingdoms, each full of castles, towers, great walls and abundant riches. All throughout the people worship idols-idols Thaylus holds to be mindless vanity. This belief is his carefully guarded secret. He alone must bear it for if he were to tell someone around him, he is sure it could mean ostracizing or even death. Related to his belief are multiple prophetical texts alluding to evil spiritual beings that will invade Khrine’s dimension.

But even more of the fear of impending doom, his biggest concern is his yearning for a true God that cares for mortals and will deliver the world. Thaylus is in bitter fear and anguish at the arrival

Three days before the evil spiritual beings are to lay siege to the realm, a friend who is a young nobleman, shows Thaylus a scroll written in a dead language.

It mentions a mysterious sole deity merely speaks of a “Lord and His Emissary” that will save the world from the spiritual menace. But three days before they are prophesied to invade the world, something dire transpires; one of the kingdoms of the realm claims to have allied with the evil entities.

This could only mean they have already crossed over. Thalus and Brythan go to investigate the kingdom claiming alliance with the dark enemies. On their way there, they meet a woman shining with glory. She calls herself Ithia, declaring herself an Urn Bearer. She mentions she serves the “Lord and His Emissary.” Ithia gives them a spiritual gift called faith and sends the two to embark on journey that will not only save the world but reconcile it to the True Deity.

Now, Thaylus and his noblemen friend are on their way to the apparent treacherous betrayal of the Western Kingdom. Soon they are captured and meet an old time traveler in prison. There he tells the two companions to acquire time travel in an old cathedral. From, after gaining the power of time, they are thrust into a dire quest to save the world.

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