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A schoolgirl finds herself stuck in a cave and must rely on her worst enemy for help!
A 18 year old schoolgirl named Emma Wilson was walking home from school when she came across a cave and decided to take a look inside it.

Emma was 6'3, 150 pounds, had black hair and green eyes covered by glasses and wore a white shirt which covered her large breasts and a black skirt, that stopped just below her knees and covered her large hips and bubble butt. Emma placed her bag to the side, stuck her head in the cave tried to climb in only to be stopped by her breasts. After a minute of pushing and grunting, they fit. Emma then tried to continue on only to discover her hips won't fit.

"This is ridiculous, come on fit", said Emma as she pushed. But it was no use, her hips were just too big to fit in. Deciding to leave, Emma backed out of the cave only to discover her breasts won't come free.
"That's not good", thought Emma as she placed her hands against the cave and pushed but still she didn't budge.
"This is ridiculous,I don't have time to get stuck", said Emma as she placed her hands against the cave, her foot against the cave and pushed with all her strength. Emma pushed, wiggled, grunted and groaned but it was no use, she wouldn't budge no matter how hard she tried. "I can't believe I have gotten myself into this situation", thought Emma as she pondered what to do next. After realising that she couldn't reach her phone because it was in her bag Emma then did the only thing that she could, she shouted, "could somebody help me please,I'm stuck" but no one was nearby to hear her.
"I'm going to be stuck in here forever",cried the young girl.
A hour passed before finally help arrived but it was not someone Emma would have wanted to come find her. "Well, well, what do we have here", said the new comer. Emma recognised that voice, it was the voice of her arch enemy, Sophie Smith who was currently looking at her large bubble butt sticking out of the cave.
"Are you stuck in there, Emma", Sophie asked, laughing as she did. Hesitantly, Emma admitted that she was in fact stuck.
"This is hilarious", Sophie said,"Little Miss perfect stuck in a cave, this couldn't be anymore perfect".
Deciding to swallow her pride, Emma asked,"Sophie, could you please try to pull me out?"
Despite her feelings towards Emma, Sophie decided to help and replied,"fine, but you owe me big time for this." Sophie then grabbed on Emma's hips and pulled while Emma placed her hands against the cave and pushed.
The duo pulled and pushed with all their might until at last, Emma was pulled from the cave with a POP sound and the two were sent flying backwards onto the ground.

Thank you, thank you, cried Emma as she hugged Sophie. "It's fine, Sophie replied, "I may not like you but I couldn't exactly leave you stuck in there" the two then went their separate ways but Emma agreed to help with Sophie with her homework and to agree to help her get unstuck should she ever end up in a similar situation.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2181863