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Inspired Luke 4:1-13
After what felt like forty days fasting,
I left church, famished. The devil said:
         It’s not time for dinner, but
         well past lunch.
         You could eat.

“I do have a headache,” I thought.
I had a Diet Coke.

Then I was carried away by the Spirit
to nap. As I dreamt, the devil crept in:
         You could have anything—honored
         career, envied abs, chic wardrobe
         of classic silhouettes. Go find yourself.

“Maybe,” I thought,
“Am I hiding in a department store dress rack?”

When I woke with throbbing temples, the devil
drove into me like an east wind spraying grit:
         Squalling infant! Agandoned brat!
         You are lost forever. Beg
         for help all you want—no one cares.

I wept, groped about, then remembered:
I am a child of God. He sent me here.

I blew my nose and said,
"Go away, Satan."
The devil departed
for a season.

Inspired by the Come, Follow Me readings for February 4-10
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