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A mother finds herself stuck in a rabbit hole and must rely on her daughter to get free.
36 year old Samantha Young, her 17 year old daughter, Isabella and their puppy, Ava were out walking through the Forrest when they came across a rabbit hole.

Before Samantha knew what was happening, she saw her daughter's rear end sticking out of the hole as she climbed in.
Samantha deciding to follow her daughter into the hole and stuck her top half inside only to be stopped by her large breasts. After a minute of pushing and shoving, her boobs fit in and she tried to continue on only to discover that her hips wouldn't fit.
Samantha placed her hands against the hole and pushed but her hips just refused to fit.

Deciding to leave, the mother tried to back out of the hole only to discover that she couldn't. Surprised ,Samantha shouted, "Isabella, could you come here, please," as she pushed but still she didn't move.

Now worried, Samantha placed her hands against the hole, her foot against the hole and pushed and pushed with all her strength but no matter, how hard she tried, Samantha just wouldn't budge, she was stuck.
Having found another way, Isabella was greeted by the sight of her mother's bubble butt sticking out of the hole.

"Mum, are you alright",asked Isabella.
"No, I'm stuck, could you please try to pull me out?," said Samantha.
"Sure," replied Isabella as she grabbed on her mother's hips and pulled while Ava grabbed the hem of Isabella's skirt in her teeth and pulled. The trio pulled and pushed but the hole refused to let go of Samantha.

Letting go of her mother, Isabella took her mother's phone out of her bag and called her mother's friends, Zoey and Riley to come and help.
Before the two arrived, Isabella said to her mother, "sorry for getting you into this situation, mum."
"Hey, it's not your fault, honey", said Samantha, "I should know better than to be sticking myself into rabbit holes at my age.

Then Zoey and Riley arrived and after Samantha explained why she was stuck in the rabbit hole, a chain was formed with Zoey pulling Samantha's hips, Riley pulling Zoey's waist, Isabella pulling Riley and Ava pulling the hem of Isabella's skirt with her teeth.

The four pulled and pulled while Samantha pushed, grunted and groaned from the strain, until at last, with a huge POP, Samantha was pulled from the hole and everyone flew backwards onto the ground and landed in a heap.

"Thank goodness for that, thanks for your help", said Samantha, happy to finally be unstuck.
"No problem,"the other three replied as everyone walked off together to enjoy the rest of the day.
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