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by Carini
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Parents have a duty to set healthy examples so their kids won't die before they do.

Setting the Example for Healthy Children

Childhood obesity is on the rise.

With video games, television and computers today's modern child is less active than the generations before. Technology has made life easier, but many a young waistline indicates that all is not well for a generation that is likely to die before their parents do.

While many parents must work at two or more jobs, they don't have time to supervise their children's activities. They ignore the necessity of living an active lifestyle, something their children quickly pick up. The health hazards of an overweight condition among adults are well documented, but today's overweight adolescent is not prepared to suffer from the effects of diseases that can affect them for the rest of life.

As a parent, you need to be aware of what your children eat and their lack of exercise if you want them to grow into healthy adults generally free of disease. Their health begins at home. Their health depends on the example you set for them. Obesity becomes a cycle from which it becomes difficult to change. Both children and adults get caught up in the habit of weight gain.

As often as we'd warn our kids of the dangers of an overweight condition, as parents, we need to set an example that health is vital for long life and we must have the discipline to set an example.

Discipline is the keyword. Excuses, promises, and resolutions don't work unless we're prepared to do what needs to be done. If the parent doesn't place emphasis on losing weight, they can't expect their kids to eat the right foods and exercise. It requires both time and knowledge as to what creates a healthy body.

We all know that what goes into the mouth plays an important part in overall health. Today's convenient foods of fat and high sugar makes it easy to forget the necessary ingredients for a healthy diet. We eat on the run. We don't chew thoroughly. We eat what the food industry claims is healthy for us. Hamburgers, pizza and chips are easy to acquire, but they do not require any preparation for the dinner table.

Our ancestors did not have a convenience store at the next corner, but what they ate came directly from the backyard garden. They ate healthy as they had no other choice.

While we may not need to grow our own fruits and veggies, we can make the right choices that can help us and our children remain disease free.

Food is not the only method to stay healthy. A good dose of exercise whether it's mowing the lawn, going for a walk or cleaning house are activities which should involve children to help them learn the habits of an active lifestyle. As a parent, you need to sacrifice television and computer time to include your children in healthy activities. More than likely, you're a few pounds over your weight limit. A gym subscription becomes more an excuse, an outward show, as subscribers quickly abandon them. This sets the example for children to do the same. Parents must do more than just mouth their intentions and expect their kids to be impressed.

The "do as I say" approach seldom works. Nor does the threat of punishment. Leading by example is necessary for the family to remain steadfast toward reaching the goal of a healthy lifestyle.

The home is the foundation for a future of success, not the television',

As important as diet and exercise are, children need to be aware of the dangers posed by advertising which appeals to emotions. Commercials exist not to focus on the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but solely on profits. What goes into the foods advertised is often a plethora of chemical ingredients which lead to obesity and ill health. Children need to be aware that what they see is not what is best for them. We are unlikely to see fresh garden produce on commercials, only what is processed and packaged for convenience.

Television does not teach a healthy lifestyle.

It's difficult for children to separate truth from falsehoods, but the parents themselves must realize that they must filter out what their children hear and see. The best way to teach is through communication. Before they can educate their kids, they must learn the truth. That truth is not easy to find in a society that seeks profits over health. But it is vital for every parent to take the necessary steps to learn how to avoid obesity and demonstrate that good health is not dependent on genes alone.

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