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A young woman gets her hand stuck in a drain and needs her fiancée's help to get free.
25 year old Rosie Hill had just finished doing the washing up when suddenly her engagement ring slipped of her finger and down the drain, "Oh, no, my ring" said Rosie as she put her hand down the drain and grabbed the ring just in time. Just go it in time, said Rosie happily as she then tried to remove her hand from the drain only to discover that she couldn't. Huh,be a bit caught, the young woman said as she grabbed on to her arm with her other hand and pulled and pulled but still her hand refused to come free. Now worried, Rosie then grabbed on to her arm and pulled with all her strength and said, "come on, let go of me, you stupid drain"but no matter how hard she tried, her hand just wouldn't budge. Realising she needed help, Rosie picked up her mobile and called her fiancée to come help. Rosie's fiancée Jennifer picked up the phone after the situation was explained to her, she quickly rushed home to come help.
After finding Rosie in her rather awkward position and the two sharing a laugh about it, the couple quickly to work as Rosie pulled her hand while Jennifer pulled her waist. the two pulled and pulled but still Rosie's arm didn't move. The two then heard a familiar voice say , "what are you two doing exactly?" Jennifer then turned around and noticed that her 15 year old daughter, Ava was standing in the door way watching. Jennifer then let go of Rosie and told her daughter, "Rosie's hand is stuck in the drain and I was trying to pull her pull it out."
Ava then replied, "do you want me to help you pull,mum.
Jennifer replied, "of course" and a chain was formed with Rosie pulling her hand, Jennifer pulling her fiancée's waist while Ava grabbed on to her mother's hips and the trio pulled and pulled and pulled but still the drain refused to let go of Rosie's hand. "This is ridiculous , said Rosie "how can my hand be this stuck?" as the three stopped pulling to think. Just then,Ava had an idea and ran while shouting,I'll be back in five minutes. The couple were confused until five minutes later,Ava returned with Rosie's best friend, Sandra and her dog, Cookie. Sandra was shocked to see Rosie's situation but after a minute of explainind She understood and after putting some washing up liquid on Rosie's hand ,a chain was formed with Rosie pulling her hand, Jennifer pulling her fiancée's waist while Sandra pulling Jennifer and Ava pulled Sandra's hips. All four women pulled and pulled and pulled while Cookie even helped by grabbing Ava's skirt in his teeth and helping pull. The group pulled and pulled until at last POP, Rosie's hand was pulled from the drain and everyone was fell backwards and landed in a heap on the floor. "Oh my god ,I'm finally free", shouted Rosie as she stood up and thanked everyone for coming to her rescue. Everyone then go up and Rosie made them all dinner while they did the washing up this time.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2182141