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A young reporter finds herself in a tight spot while gathering info for her latest story.
"I can't believe that I've ended up in this situation" said Lois Johnson as she once again tried to free herself from her prison. Still unable to budge,Lois then decided to reflect on what had gotten her into this position in the first place.
25 year old Lois Johnson was the highly respected lead reporter of the San Diego news and was well known for her honesty and integrity. However, Lois's rival, Jaclin Jones was the exact opposite of her, dishonest and will to do anything to get a story even if it meant using unfair means,she was determined to take Lois's position from by any means necessary. For her next story,Lois had decided to explore a playground as her story was about how things change and what gets left behind as people get older and move away from their youth. While exploring the playground,Lois spotted an old pipe and feeling curious, decided it. Sticking her head inside,Lois then encountered her first issue,her large breasts which struggled to fit but did after a minute of pushing. Thinking her struggles were over,Lois then encountered her second problem, her big hips and backside. Lois pushed and pushed with all her strength but her lower half just wouldn't fit. Deciding to back out,Lois was shocked to discover that she couldn't. Now worried and a bit annoyed,Lois placed her hands against the pile,her leg against the wall the pipe on for leverage and pushed with all her might but still she didn't move. Now concerned,Lois then tried to push herself free one more time while saying "I can't believe it I've ended up in this situation." This is where we came in.
Now completely stuck and unable to reach her phone to call for help, Lois decided to call out, "could somebody help me please"," I'm stuck in this pipe" but no one was around to hear her. "I'm going to be stuck here forever",cried Lois .
Over an hour later,help finally arrived as a young couple walking passed spotted Lois's rear end sticking out of the pipe. "Excuse miss",are you stuck in there", the man asked.
"Yes",I am", "could you please try to pull me out?", Asked Lois.
"No problem", replied the man who revealed that his name was Chris and that he and his wife Samantha would be happy to help her out.
So Chris grabbed on to Lois hips and Samantha pulled Chris's waist and the two pulled and pulled while Lois pushed.
The trio pulled and pushed with all their strength until POP, Lois was pulled from the pipe and the three landed on the ground in a heap. Lois thanked the couple for helping her with Chris and Samantha replying, "It's was not a problem" with the three then going their separate ways. The next day, Lois went to work where everyone seemed to be laughing about something with the reporter asking,"What's everyone laughing about?"
You, replied one of her colleagues as Lois then saw on a Monitor footage of her stuck in the pipe while Chris and Samantha were pulling on her. The headline said in large letters, "Local reporter gets stuck" with Lois noticed that it was Jaclin reading the story struggling not to laugh. Despite feeling quite embarrassed,Lois began to laugh herself and then said," I have to admit","I do look pretty ridiculous with my big butt sticking out" as she walked towards her dressing room to prepare for her segment.

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