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A story song about the 7 year period of time called Tribulation + a little more
Let me tell you a story of a Tribulation time
It's all written in the Bible. If you seek then you will find.
Though some do not believe it, I feel that it is here.
If you want to know what happens, open up your ears.

The White Horse rides out to conquer with earthquakes, stampedes and secret pacts.
The Red Horse starts wars and rumors of wars so murder and hatred are now a fact.
The Black Horse brings famine and economic collapse as bread prices rise to a day's wage.
The Pale Horse carries Death closely followed by Hell as the nations begin to rage.

Global war will erupt, nuclear bombs will fly
Marshal law will come, as the conflicts rise

And then the Fifth Seal shall be opened
Martyrs cry out from under the altar
"How long will you wait to judge and avenge?"
The Lord waits as long as He can

The Sixth Seal brings something never seen in the world
As a comet hits Earth and wrath is unfurled
The sun becomes black as darkness rolls in
You best stay inside or become a dead man
Then the sky opens up and heaven is revealed
Yeshua cries out for every person to hear
A global earthquake brings the world to its knees
And a polar shift changes everything
The ground will erupt and out of the graves
The dead will arise and then in a few days
The first fruits go up and they shall be sealed
144 Triple Zero light beings appear

The Seventh Seal brings silence in Heaven
An eerie silence as everyone mourns
Then another earthquake shakes the planet
And the great revival out pours
The great awakening of souls begins
Even though so many were lost
The truth marches forward in a mighty sweep
Before the persecution of the cross

The seals are now all broken and the harvest is in place
Warrior Harvesters are annointed bringing people into grace

But Tribulation time is here and there are Trumpets now to sound
Trumpet One strikes vegetation with fire and lava on the ground
Trumpet Two brings more destruction, this time to the seas
As the water turns blood red and tsunamies rise to be
Trumpet Three calls down Wormwood, a great comet from the sky
Which will devastate Europe and disease spreads far and wide
Trumpet Four comes, are you ready, for this is hard to take
Thus begins more tribulation - the last half very great

Make sure your heart is ready to now receive your king
Have you made Him your Lord and Saviour or are you still wavering
Over three years have passed since the trumps began to blow
And Yeshua now appears to collect those who are his own

Satan is thrown from heaven and brings more deception to the land
Deals with demons disguised as aliens, then hybrids are the plan
The new world order is peace at an extremely high cost
Interbreeding with demons creates no soul, all hope seems lost
A world leader is determined, and rises peacefully
A well respected leader, but then he is wounded mortally
But in a few days he comes alive again declaring he is Christ
And introduces peace by way of death if one does not comply
The guillotine will take your head if you do not take his mark
The implant in the head or hand might save you from this harm
But in the end you'll lose your soul for all eternity
For this is the Anti-Christ possessed by Satan, you see
Sacrifices at the temple will now abruptly end
The Abomination of Desolation is set up to now worship him
Israel must quickly flee into the mountains now
Don't hesitate, don't delay, don't go back into your house
Two witnesses come down to us and prophesy the truth
One thousand two hundred sixty days they will proclaim through

If you are still living here when the Fifth trumpet blows
You really will not want to be as this is how it goes
The bottomless pit is opened releasing swarms of locust demons
Who sting and torture unbelievers for five months but not to kill them
People will try to kill themselves but death will always flee
They will throw themselves from buildings but still live, with injury
The implants change the DNA, zombie apocolypse is now real
Family betray family, cannibalism, the new meal

If you think that is bad, which is truly is
Listen now to hear the sound of Trumpet Six
Ancient demons are released killing a third of who remain
Plagues of fire, smoke and brimstone out to kill, destroy and maim
Jerusalem will be captured and the two witnesses are slain
But around three days later they come to life again
A voice from heaven calls to them and they go up in the sky
And then an earthquake happens and seven thousand people die

It seems Satan is the victor and has crowned himself as king
But behold Trumpet Seven and the redemption that it brings
The Lord himself will descend from heaven and again the dead will rise
And those who love Him and alive will rise to meet Him in the sky
And He will stand on the Mount of Olives and the mountain will divide
The Ark of the Covenant is revealed, earthquake and giant hail from the sky

You may think it's over, but then you would be wrong
Now there are Seven Bowls, but they are not for long
Loathsome sores, blood red water, both fresh and sea
People scorched, darkness, pain, a dry Euphrates
There's no escape at this point. No redemption to be had.
The final chance to repent has already passed.
Armageddon is upon you and victory is quick
The Ark of the Covenant goes before and no one can resist
Yeshua rides on a white horse and leads a great army forth
His enemies tremble at the sound of the great battle roar

The dust will settle and the New Jerusalem will come down
Yeshua will reign as King over all and wear a golden crown
A thousand years He will reign and the swords are put away
They are melted into plowshares and these are glorious days
We all meet up every year for the Tabernacle Feast
in Jerusalam worshipping our King

After the thousand years, Satan is released from captivity
And wages war against the saints, one last try to be a king
But fire comes down and destroys his army horde
And Satan is thrown into the Lake of Fire forevermore

If you are still listening, have you clung to every word
Do you realize this is happening and believe what you have heard
The time is now to make a choice for your eternal soul
This world is temporary, not the ultimate goal
This physical body you have will die, but the spirit will live on
You must make a choice right now whose side you are on
If it is still confusing, let me make it clearer
Satan is defeated and Yeshua is the winner

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, YHWH Reigns
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