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A young woman finds her head stuck in the bars of her bed and needs help to get free.
25 year old Taylor Watson was just finishing up getting dressed when suddenly she slipped on a banana peel on the floor and her head ended up going through the bars at the end of her bed. Gathering her bearings, Taylor then tried to remove her head from the bars but discovered that she couldn't. "Huh that's weird" thought Taylor as she then placed her hands against the bars and pushed but still she didn't move. Now concerned and a bit annoyed, Taylor then began to push as hard as she could while saying "let go of me,bed","I have to get dressed to go out" but no matter how hard she tried, Taylor's head just wouldn't budge. she was stuck. Now realising her situation, Taylor thought about using her phone to call for help but then remembered that she only had her pink panties covering her large bubble butt.

Taylor then tried to free herself again but after 10 minutes of no luck, Taylor swallows her pride and called her best friend Jennifer to come help. While waiting for Jennifer to arrive, Taylor's dog,Bob walked into her room and seeing Taylor's situation, grabbed her panties with his teeth and began to pull. Feeling the sudden tugging, Taylor began to wiggle her backside while saying "let go of my Panties", "Bob", you're not helping". Eventually Bob stopped pulling just as Jennifer arrived. Walking into Taylor's room and finding her best friend in this awkward position, Jennifer couldn't help laughing as she asked Taylor," how did you end up in this situation?" I slipped on that banana peel and my head ended up getting stuck, Could you please try to pull me out" asked Taylor also beginning to laugh after realising the ridiculousness of her situation.

"No problem replied Jennifer. As she was grabbed on Taylor's waist, she then said"I never realised before that your butt was so big and cute." Her face beet red with embarrassment, Taylor then placed her hands against the bars and the two began to pull and push. The two friends pulled and pushed but still Taylor's head didn't come free. After Jennifer stopped pulling, she suggested that she get something to grease up Taylor's head to make it easy to get free.
"Ok","but before you do", "could you put my jeans on for me please?", Asked Taylor.

"Of course",replied Jennifer as she then grabbed the jeans off the hanger and put them on Taylor before going down stairs and returned with some soap which she rubbed around Taylor's head to make it slippy.
Jennifer then grabbed on Taylor's waist again while Taylor then placed her hands against the bars and pushed. The two friends pulled and pushed with all their strength and even Taylor's dog Bob tried to help by grabbing the hem of Jennifer's skirt and pulling. The trio pulled, pushed, heaved and tugged until at last POP Taylor's head was finally pulled from the bars,Bob then let go of Jennifer's skirt as She and Taylor flew backwards and landed in a heap on the floor. Taylor then told Jennifer," I can't thank you enough for your help."
It's no problem, that's what friends are for." The two then go up and went to down stairs to have breakfast together with Jennifer picking up the banana peel to put in the bin as the two friends laughed about the ridiculousness of the situation they had been involved in.
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