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A young man finds himself stuck in a wall while trying to prove his girlfriend wrong.
20 year old Jason Johnson was out walking through the town with his 19 year old girlfriend,Cindy Jones when the two came across a hole in the middle of a wall. I wonder what's on the other side?", Said Cindy
"I'm not sure" replied Jason, "might be a old building or something?"
"I'm want to go through and see", said Cindy.
"I don't think you'll fit through there","bebe", "you're too curvy", replied Jason.
"Oh and you would?", replied Cindy, annoyed.

"Yes","I would and I'll prove it to you", said Jason as he stuck his head through the hole and began to climb through only for his lower half to not fit through. Jason pulled and pulled but he just wouldn't fit.
"Fine", "you win",bebe,”I can't make it through", said Jason as he tried to back out but discovered that he couldn't.
"Told you so", replied Cindy as she was then surprised to see Jason was still in the hole. "aren't you coming out", asked the confused Cindy. "Yeah", "just a minute", Bebe, it's just a bit tighter than I thought",said Jason as he placed his hands against the wall and pushed but still he didn't move. "Jason,are you stuck?", asked Cindy,now slightly concerned. "Of course, I'm not stuck",replied Jason, It's just talking a bit longer than I expected" as he tried pushing again while placing his foot against the wall for leverage and pushed and pushed with all his might but no matter how hard he tried,Jason wouldn't budge he was stuck.
"Bebe,I think I'm stuck?",Jason told his girlfriend.
"Oh my god",here I'll try to pull you out replied", Cindy as she grabbed on to her boyfriend's hips and pulled while Jason pushed against the wall. The couple pulled and pushed as hard as they could but still the wall refused to let go of Jason. After the couple realised both their phones were out of battery ,so Cindy decided to go off to try and get help.

While Cindy was gone,Jason suddenly felt a tug on his jeans but thought nothing of it until there was a RIP and Jason realised it had been a dog pulling at his jeans and it had just pulled off the seat of them, exposing his blue boxers- covered butt to the world. His face now beet red with embarrassment, Jason was then surprised as a girl suddenly walked to him. "What are you doing in that hole?", asked the girl.

"I was trying to fit through to prove my girlfriend wrong but I got stuck", replied the embarrassed Jason.
"Don't worry,I'll push you out",said the girl who revealed her name was Jenna. Jenna then began to push Jason,who started pushed again as well but still the two couldn't budge him. Just then,Cindy returned with Jason's friend,Max, her friend, Olivia and Olivia's boyfriend, Russell.

After Jason explained the entire situation to everyone and Jenna made her presence known,a chain was formed with Cindy pulling Jason's hips,Max pulling Cindy's waist, Russell pulling Max, Olivia pulling Russell while Jason and Jenna pushed. So the tug of war began with Everyone pulling and pushing with all their strength while Jason said "OW" occasionally due to the strain until at last POP Jason was finally pulled from the hole and everyone flew backwards and landed in a heap on the ground. Just everyone got to their feet,Jason noticed Jenna sticking out of the wall, having been sent flying through when Jason came free. Another chain was then formed and Jenna was soon pulled out.
Jason then thanked everyone for their help, having realised to think before trying certain things as everyone then walked off together to enjoy some lunch after all their hard work.

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