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by Casey
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'Making do' the key to survival
The Blizzard of '93  (E)
'Making do' the key to survival
#2183294 by Casey

Total Lines: 23
Write a poem 40 lines or less about someone who is stranded in inclement weather. What do they do about it?

"The Blizzard of '93"

She screams from Gulf
to greet her love.
He jetstreams down
to meet his mate.
Together, form
a horseshoe shape.
In '93, they're called a 'Freak'
but they don't care!
Together, they are 'Biblical';
a hurricane with tons of snow.
Holy Combo:
Her warm, moist front; his cold, dry air
create a twister East might share.

We mountain folk prepare to spend
ten days below as we're snowbound.
Ten days with no electric light
We share our biscuits with the hound.

Four feet of snow from top of bush
we melt in hot, pot-bellied stove.
The water bucket used to flush.
Wool blankets are a treasure trove.

The Blizzard of the Century
will end, for some, in death and misery.

(John and I grew up in Florida but 3 years prior to Blizzard of the Century, in March, 1990, we moved permanently to North Carolina and bought an isolated, country store on a highway about 2 hours north of Atlanta in Murphy, NC. It was an adventure in our "retired" sixties, learning to deal with weather other than a hurricane. We shoveled snow, melted it on a pot-bellied, wood-fired stove downstairs and hauled it up an interior flight of stairs with no bannisters to flush the toilet in our apartment. Without electric for ten days, it was quite an experience for two 'greenhorns'. I have old home movies of the snow beginning to fall. The blizzard was quite beautiful to watch from our floor-to-ceiling, glass-front windowed store but a challenge to live through all those days without electric. Full force of the blizzard hit us March 12 and 13, 1993.)
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