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Penny's purse is stolen.
It was really just so sad!
Him such a wee little thing too,
at first I thought he was quite mad
and didn't believe his claim.

That was my mistake you see.
He did indeed take my purse,
then he tried to run away
which only made things worse!

Tripping over the purse he rolled,
over nose and tail he went,
that stuff just doesn't get old!
Then he got back up and tried again.

This time he ran tail to front
dragging my big purse behind!
I watched with my friends perplexed,
our mouths all open in kind.

When I saw that he meant it
I called in the K-9's.
So my friends and I could sit
And watch the show unwind.

For the little guy didn't get far
dragging such a heavy load.
I kind of felt sorry for him,
if truth were ever to be told.

The K-9's came in quite fast,
burning and churning up the sod!
I would never have called them
If I knew it would take the squad!

To take down one tiny pup
it turned into such a ruckus!
'Cause by the time he looked up,
it was too late to turn and run.

The thing that truly stings,
as I'm sure he now knows,
he became a peccant pup
for the price of some clothes!

(That's all I carry in my purse you know!)

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