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He would protect his Mother from anything, even a Chad. Written for Writer's Cramp 2/27/19
Back and forth Mother's arms swung to a rhythm that made no sense to me. For that matter, the wasted motion itself didn't make much sense. Why was Mother always jumping around in the main room of our shared home, expending so much energy to go nowhere? She did this every day at the same time, just after our morning walk together, and every day I wondered why. But I never said anything - that would be rude, and Mother always scolded me when I back-talked. I don't like it when she scolds me. So I just lounged back on the softest spot on Couch to watch the ridiculous display. The only response I dared utter was a low huff of exasperation.

This seemed to get Mother's attention and she stopped, the curving-up sides of her mouth expressing what I knew was amusement.
"You're such a funny boy. You don't like it when I work out?"
I started to answer her but she didn't give me time to respond, instead bouncing over and sweeping me up in her arms. This made me grumble but it only took a moment before I was nuzzling her happily while she cradled me, cooing. I much preferred this sort of activity, yes.
"You want breakfast my sweet baby boy? Let's go!" She carried me into the kitchen and I scampered around her while she made the promised breakfast. The counter was too high up to see what Mother was doing, but I could smell it and excitedly told her to hurry up!
"Okay okay," she laughed. "You get so impatient don't you! Momma's sweet sweet boy, yes you are," this was the tone she used when she wanted me to be a good boy. Which, I knew I always was.

The bowl she gave me contained crumbled bacon on top of the usual nuggets of compressed food I was accustomed to. "Now be my sweet baby-boy and eat it all up okay? Momma's going to go get in the shower and get ready."

She disappeared from the kitchen and I watched her go, pausing only briefly to note the sound of running water to confirm her location. She'd arrived safely in the bathroom so I could relax and eat. This food was getting boring though and lately I'd been ignoring it, knowing Mother would give me better food from her own plate if I didn't eat mine. I carefully ate around the nuggets to get all the bits of bacon though. No sense in wasting good bacon.

Like most days, Mother left me alone to go do something she called Work. I wasn't sure what that was exactly but I knew it involved a cube of something and That Bitch Jessica. Usually Mother came home from Work happy to see me but sometimes she seemed sad. On those days I tried extra hard to be a good boy for her.

This time when Mother came home she wasn't alone. A Man was with her, and Mother seemed nervous. I could sense her anxiety as soon as she opened the door and it made me bristle disapprovingly. The Man smelled suspicious, I didn't trust him. Who was Mother bringing into our home? He was a stranger, not someone she had introduced to me before and Mother rarely had visitors. I liked it that way, just the two of us. And there was something in the Man's eyes, a gleam I could not ignore that stirred a deep instinct in me. A predator always recognized another predator.

The door closed behind them and the Man leaned Mother against the wall, pressing in close to her. She seemed apprehensive but didn't move, only placing her hands on the male's chest to keep space between them. I immediately voiced an objection, and the Man looked at me sharply as if he noticing me for the first time since they stumbled in.
"Who's the yappy little rat?"

I bristled again at this, knowing he was talking about me even if those words weren't familiar. Mother pushed him away slightly, a pout on her face. "He's not a rat! He's my Sweet Baby-Boy! Be nice to him Chad."

This Chad creature scoffed and reached toward me, making me skitter away with a growl. "Is that really this thing's name?" The Man laughed and swiped at me when it became clear I did not want him touching me, but after a moment he grew bored and turned his attention back to his real quarry. Mother tried to answer him but he smothered her mouth with his, pushing her back against the wall with rough hands as she made a small sound of protest. My blood boiled - she needed me to save her!

I shouted at the Chad but he ignored me. Mother squirmed under the force of his attentions, unable to ask for my help because he kept her mouth sealed with his. Fine then. I knew what I had to do to save her, the danger be damned! I wasn't sure what this Man was capable of, if his teeth might be larger or sharper than mine, but that didn't matter and I bravely darted ahead. He would pay for his intrusion. My teeth sank deep into the soft flesh of his exposed ankle - the ensuing scream of pain, taste of his blood were pure triumph. He shrieked and screamed a string of harsh words, flinging open the door to storm down the stairs. Mother went after him but only to the top step, calling out once "Chad wait! He just doesn't like strangers!"

I strutted back into the main room and rewarded myself with the best spot on Couch, waiting for Mother to come back and thank me for saving her.

Chad never visited again.

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