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Rated: 18+ · Lyrics · Political · #2184072
A political parody set to the tune of 'Throw Another Log on the Fire'
Toss Another Turd on the Pile

Toss another turd on the pile,
read another tweet that’s crude and mean.
See a news account about collusion,
and here’s another leak about my schemes.
Watch the lies pile up at every rally;
they can’t see the forest for the trees.
So toss another turd on the pile;
my base will never lose their faith in me.

Don’t I grab your pussy when I’m horny,
and don’t I step out when you’re gettin’ fat?
And don’t I always pay my porn stars?
Well, you just can’t ask a man for more than that.
Ain’t I always nice to Mr. Putin,
don’t I kiss his picture every night?
So drop and kiss my ass, ‘cause you like me when I’m crass,
and my base don’t really care ‘bout wrong or right.

One more weak excuse to please the Arabs,
and here’s another tainted nominee.
Watch me undermine the constitution,
and come out strong for bigotry.
See one more news account about obstruction,
Read another tweet that’s crude and mean.
It’s just another turd on the pile,
so try to tell me why they’d impeach me?

by Terrence G. Fisher 2019

This is a song lyric set to the tune of "Throw Another Log on the Fire" by Tompall Glaser.

Hear the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBpeK9yaONQ
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