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by Norman
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I may be a curmudgeon
I have a hat called Grumpy;
I wear it all the time.
It may not be my cleanest hat,
but it suits my mood just fine.

I may be a curmudgeon.
Well, some have called me worse.
I may not be the sweetest guy,
that’s not my biggest curse.

I got the hat from Disney.
I thought it fit me well.
I could have bought the Dopey one;
that one they seldom sell.

As dopey as I might be
I wouldn’t wear that hat.
It doesn’t pay to advertise
a character flaw like that.

I’d rather be like Doc, of course,
the smart one of the crew.
But I am not the clever one;
that’s just not how I grew.

Yeah, Grumpy fits me best of all,
I guess I must confess.
It’s better than poor Dopey,
but worse than all the rest.

When I put on the Grumpy hat
I know this may sound strange
But I become that certain dwarf
My mindset makes a change

They call us dwarfs because, you know,
We’re all so very small.
But I could be the best of all
if I were only tall.

Then I could be the handsome prince
and Snow White would be mine.
We’d live together happily
until the end of time.

And Snow White would be mine alone,
and Snow White is all mine.
And you can call me Happy now.
She’s mine, she’s mine, all mine.
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