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by Lassie
Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2184996
Grandpa and Lisa come across strange creatures that keep following them.
         They looked like alligators standing upright. They didn't have scales or long tubular snouts like an alligator but they were short and rounded with vicious teeth lining the inside. The skin was smooth and slimy looking. Their eyes were deep dark green surrounded by a pale yellow.
         "Hurry grandpa, they're coming after us."
         He pushed on the gas peddle and saw them through the rearview mirror fade into the distance."
         "What are they?"
         "I don't know dear. I think we're losing them."
         "What do they want?"
         Grandpa didn't reply, he just kept his foot on the gas pedal.
         The old farm truck suddenly swung to the right. Lisa was thrown against the passenger door as grandpa fought to regain control of the truck. Lisa tensed with fear as they slid off the road and landed against a tree sideways. She rubbed her head briefly glancing in the direction they just came from.
         "Grandpa!" She yelled. "Their coming."
         "This way." Grandpa turned toward the cornfield. "Hide in here."
         As they crouched behind the large corn stalks a single creature approached them. It was carrying something in its short stubby arms. It was making a sad crying sound as it shuffled up to Lisa, stretching what it held toward her. Lisa reached out and took the infant from the creature. Then the creature turned and walked out into the cornfield, disappearing.
         They stood staring, down at the smaller version of the creature.
         Grandpa nudged Lisa, "Here come the other two."
         The creatures approached and the female reached for the infant.
         The male spoke.in broken English "Daughter dying. Want child go to human. We take."
         "Where did you come from?" Lisa asked.
         "Chemical plant mutation." Then they turned and shuffled off.
         Grandpa, stunned, looked at his granddaughter. “This isn’t what I expected.”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2184996