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A young woman finds herself stuck in a tree trunk after being tricked.
19 year old Katie Jackson was walking down the road when she spotted two girls near a tree trunk and decided to see what was going on.

Katie approached the girls and asked,"excuse me","what are you doing" "we're were trying to get her phone, said the first girl,"but we just can't reach it." "Could you please help us, said the second girl.
"Of course replied Katie as she stuck her arm inside the tree trunk but still she couldn't find the phone and said "I think I need a better look before she took out her arm and stuck her head inside and with a bit of effort, Katie's entire top half was soon inside the tree trunk and she looked around but still she didn't see a mobile phone and asked the two girls,"are you sure the phone is in here?","because I can't find it."

The two girls them started laughing and Katie relised she had been tricked and tried to back out of the tree trunk only to discover that she couldn't. Katie then placed her hands against the trunk and pushed and pushed with all her strength but still she didn't move as the two girls continued to laugh and one of them said"look how big her ass is. "I know","I'm amazed that she was even able to find a skirt to cover it","it is enormous.",Hearing the girls comments, Katie placed her hands against the tree trunk again, her foot against the tree trunk and pushed and pushed until she was red in the face, but still she didn't budge, Katie was stuck. Katie asked,"please can you try to pull me out?"
"nope", replied the girls as they walked off laughing, leaving Katie completely stuck.

"Well looks like I'm going to be stuck in here awhile", said Katie as she realised that she couldn't reach her phone because it was in her bag.

The next 30 minutes passed with Katie still trying to free herself but she remained wedged.
Just then a dog walking passed spotted Katie's situation and grabbed the seat of her skirt and tried to pull her out. Feeling the sudden tugging at her skirt, Katie tried to push herself free again while the dog continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard and Katie's face turned beet red with embarrassment as she realised that the dog had pulled off the seat of her skirt and exposed her bubble butt, barely covered by black panties and the dog ran off, leaving Katie still stuck with her underwear now showing, "I think I'm going spend the rest of my life with my head stuck inside this stupid tree trunk", said an annoyed Katie.

Just then a girl walking passed spotted the strange sight of Katie's lover half sticking out of the tree and decided to go over to investigate. "Excuse me miss", the girl asked,"are you stuck?" Startled, Katie replied "yes,I am stuck","who are you?"
"I'm Mary", replied the girl,"would you like to me to pull you out?"
"Hi,Mary",I'm Katie and I would like you to pull to pull me out", replied Katie. As Mary prepared to grab hold of Katie she asked"why is there a hole in your skirt showing me your cute butt." Her face beet red with embarrassment, Katie replied,"It was a dog that did and thanks for the compliment about my butt."

"No problem replied Mary as she grabbed on Katie's hips and pulled while Katie placed her hands against the tree trunk and pushed and the two girls began a tug of war with the tree. Katie and Mary pushed and pulled with all their strength but still the tree trunk refused to let go of Katie until at last POP, Katie was pulled from the tree trunk, sending the duo tumbling backwards into a heap on the grass.

Katie happy to finally be free,got to her feet and hugged and kissed Mary and told her"I can't thank you enough for pulling me out of there",I thought I was going to be stuck there forever" ,"no problem", replied Mary as the two then walk off together to enjoy some lunch at Mary's house and Katie changed her skirt.
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