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To save a puppy.
Looking back over her shoulder as she ran, she screamed at him, "Don't you dare open that!"

He said nothing as he glared back at her, a snake eyeing its prey, his hand reaching for the latch.

Her dog whined at the gate, waiting for her. She heard the click of the truck latch behind her as she reached the double gated entry. Growling, snarling chaos erupted, they were on the move. She raised the ring and pushed the first door open at the same time. Pearl shoved her way through, the woman right behind her slamming the metal fence shut as the bloody mass of pit bull frenzy hit it from the other side, the gate held.

Thanking the Gods her Bluetooth still clung to her ear, she pulled her phone from her pocket and dialed 911 while she quickly herded Pearl through the second gate.

There were three entry/exits to the dog park. One of them they had just used to get in, leaving two choices for their exit. Pearl was already running for the closest one so she followed yelling into her phone as she ran. The location of the dog park meant that the police were close by. So close in fact, that by the time she and Pearl came within reach of the exit, the sirens were closing in.

The sound of the latch opening behind her made her heart lurch, the crazed pack once again on the move. She slammed into the exit gate, the dogs getting louder behind her, the sirens increasing urgency in front of her, they barely made it through once again.


She sat with the paramedic, Pearl at her feet, an officer at her side taking notes. The evil man and his pack of Pit Bulls had all been killed by the police, their bodies strewn throughout the park. The officer kept asking her questions she had yet to answer. She watched the other police and emergency personnel as they made their way to the truck the vicious dogs had been kept in.

Suddenly she turned to the officer next to her, "I had to save Pearl! He wanted to make Pearl one of his pack, that's why he did it! I had to save her!"

The officer looked down at the small white speckled Pit Bull puppy named Pearl.

A ruckus at the evil man's truck stole the officer's attention. Exclamations of horror erupted from the vicinity of the truck followed by the officer's radio crackling to life.

The paramedic gasped and flung himself against the side of the ambulance.

The officer looked over in time to see the woman fade and then disappear completely.

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