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i don't know what writing is, but sometimes I need to
What you say? She said take off what? I zig-zag as I drive the course, staring in wonder at the display in the stands, babes and a band.

Burning rubber stroking the thunder, my engine roars and we're off tight pack leader's uncertain one jets ahead but I can't tell who

Beyond the iron curtain a fist slams and on the microphone a shout is heard, kick it into high gear man! Birds the word and I flip it on, my secret weapon; this is the street, we're all packing magic.

Find a clear path and hit the switch, all fades to a smear as, like a glitch, I drive systems all green to the starting line and past it, on my left some bastard trying the same shit I flash him a smile behind my black mask and brake, clutch, shift, engage

Behind me flames erupt and explosions rock over the curbs, smashing into bars and diners dive; up ahead, under covers lie

In wait a new headliner, unknown from no where with no name but his horse power is insane - what's he clocking? Overtaking me and my rival in his blinged out Civic with red rings and sweet curves, diamonds spinning on the rims; for a second I thought I saw a suit bulging just when it seems I'm in a dream, sirens wake me and I'm inhaling

Sharp turns through narrow corridors are impossible at this speed, but they wouldn't put up a blockade, so all I need to do is keep a steady pace, they don't run shit that can run with me

My tail turns into a dragon and flies into a rage with a blue burst of fire and my balls twitch for a split second, bastard cut right in front of me

Blinded by the lights my quick feet and knowledge of the street allow me to break free, I'll let 'em be, I gotta save enough for a climactic finish and right behind me comes epiphany

This ain't a goddamn car race, it's Armageddon, what the fuck happened to this place? It's light, sound and fury, signifying a fucking demolition derby; out of the debris rises one fierce warrior, blue-red pulsing demon with eyes set on me

Heh, this is getting interesting

I pull a stupid maneuver and put myself into a drift, just making it down the side street before flipping from the G's

Switches go click click click and my car's engine changes tricks, gotta zip around barely missing garbage bins still being followed by the sickest shit on the force, this ain't no pig, no way man - one of us?

I get my answer when I exit between a dump truck and a soccer mom, and he's ahead of me, following the two I let stink up the air while I was imagining how I won; a dude by the name of Mercer, an ancient king of the four-wheeled beasts - I get it, he'd run his luck out and lost everything, thought he'd given up but they must be paying him

With a souped up monster just riding alongside new age and that dick with the spikey head

I join 'em for a four-way split, diamond formation through the red light district, short skirts and jackets tossed into the air, excitement coursing through them like me and my fuel-injected air

I think I saw your mom there

The finish line just twenty miles ahead we all gather ourselves for the coming tension - seems I was right, they can't do anything, so he's racing to win - nothing pink about his slipstream I'm sneaking up in

Bursting from the left side toggling all to maximum I drive with a feeling I thought I'd lost as the other three all match my stride

We're all in a line, just a firing pin away from a flash, on the climb

Meters notch and break off as NOS quakes through metal and we become the devil, decibels leveling the town like a final countdown

We all become losers when we cross the great divide and can't make the turn onto Water St. without melding together, a pyre rising to the stars as we terraform an alien planet into hell

We'll never race again, but we chased what we felt in our hearts

To the grave

The End
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