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by D.B.
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Dreams and wishes can come true depending on your intention
Like most everyone else, I have had many dreams and wishes. And I can happily say that several of them have come true in varying degrees. A few years ago we were able to get a house I really wanted. The houses we had looked at in our price range all needed some degree of work and we didn't have the budget for that. I wanted to get a house because my older son has multiple disabilities and apartment life was getting more complicated. We had recently moved back to the town I grew up in so we could be near my family. It wasn't the first time we had bought a house: we had bought and sold three residences before, the last two times taking a significant loss to get them sold. We could only offer a certain amount on the house. The two other fairly decent houses we had bid on didn't work out, and it was just as well; in my heart of hearts neither of those houses weren't what I wanted. In the end, with some adjustments we were able to buy the house after spending a few weeks waiting to see if the owners would take our offer. I was very grateful. Yet my intention was always to get the house because that was the best house for us. That is one major dream that has come true.

Another significant dream that has come true for me in recent years is to have a cat. After seeing cats around the neighborhood I longed for a cat of my own. I had owned cats before but that was years ago. A lady who has several cats eventually moved next door to us.. My desire to own a cat really amped up, I was seeing them all the time. Then my sister's cat ended up having kittens and we got one of them, a beautiful black cat. But it was almost like the Universe was saying "time to have a cat again" because all of the cats I kept seeing. And our cat reminds me so much of one I had growing up, which is nice.

A few months ago our kitchen faucet needed replacing, it just stopped working but my husband had just had thousands of dollars of dental work done and we couldn't afford a plumber. One of my fondest wishes was to have a simple working kitchen faucet again. My husband decided he was going to do it and he did, but it wasn't easy. The faucet was difficult to remove but once he got it loose it and put the new simpler one in it was a joyous moment. I helped him as much as I could It was so great because I had been wanting a new faucet for awhile as the old one would only trickle water when it did work. It was wonderful to have a fully running faucet again. It seemed like a minor miracle to be able to have it and I fully appreciate it.

I do have a wish of going to Hawaii one day or maybe just going on a cruise. That is a far-off dream, and for now I am content to look at pictures of exotic places in magazines and read about other people's experiences traveling to and living in beautiful places. I don't feel jealous, in fact in some ways I see that even idyllic places can have their drawbacks.

A couple of goals I want to accomplish this year are to lose weight (about 20 lbs) and to learn how to play an instrument. Accomplishing those things will take a lot of work but it would be would be so worth the effort for the end result.

I also have a crazy desire to somehow go back to college and graduate. At this point in my life it wouldn't be about the career aspect but the accomplishment. My mother got a college degree when she was in her sixties and I am in my fifties, so I have some hope.

Some things I have wished for my kids have come true. One thing in particular I was extra proud of and grateful for. People who have special needs kids realize that even things that are normal for others can be hard-won for our kids. So it is extra gratifying when they reach an important milestone.

Wishes I have for the planet are to limit pollution and protect endangered animals and help them keep their forest homes. I try to sign petitions to that end, that is a small thing I can do at least to help. I know that many people do much more and it shows that many people care. I also wish we had more respect and kindness for each other as I think that would make the world a much better place.

I do think that our wishes are greatly influenced by our thoughts, actions and the energy, positive or negative we put out to the universe. So, the question to ask yourself is "what do I truly want; is it the specific thing or what it represents"?. It is always interesting to watch the answer unfold.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2186293