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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Thriller/Suspense · #2186542
A flash fiction of a young high school teen chatting online.
Noble29: Hello.

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: hey

Noble29: What are you doing?

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: nm

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: u

Noble29: I am not doing much either, only trying to find someone interesting to talk too.

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: ik me 2 im so bord

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: so wadya do 4 fun

Noble29: I enjoy bird-watching.

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: swdnz fun

Noble29: It is.

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: w/e

Noble29: What are you wearing?

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: em

Noble29: I asked what you were wearing.

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: fu

Noble29: That pink undershirt must be comfortable.

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: uhh howd uno im warin dat

Noble29: I am bird-watching.

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: ?

Noble29: How does it feel to be home alone?

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: ur frekn me out

Noble29: I shall see you soon my little sparrow.

Noble29 signed off at 11:32 p.m.

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: hey

BroJo47: hey

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: cn u cum ovr

BroJo47: y

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: a cyco msgd me n z he wz wotchn me

BroJo47: don't worry

BroJo47: dudes just fcking with u

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: mayb bt stil

BroJo47: sure w/e be there in few

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: thx

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: *Heart*3

BroJo47: yeah yeah

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: Never mind what I said, my parents are home.

BroJo47: say wha

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: My parents are home now so you do not have to come over.

BroJo47: whos dis?

XxxSexyBunnyxxx: What do you mean?

BroJo47: jennys parents r in Georgia

BroJo47: who the fck is this?!

XxxSexyBunnyxxx signed off at 11:46 p.m.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2186542