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by brom21
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A man at the brink of demise goes through deep reflection.
Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight... It didn’t matter. Death was inevitable. As I lay their on the battlefield, I think of many things that I normally don’t. Like all the people I’ve hurt in life and why I thought so little of it. I thought of my wife and how blessed I was to have her.

I grunted and flinched as I gripped my sword wound in my stomach. I f elt myself literally being drained of life. Other thoughts filled my head as I looked at the corpses of my foes. Something caught my eye a few feet next to me – an enemy solder was trembling with a missing right leg. In the state of both of us, I no longer had the burning animosity I had at the start of the war. He was now just another doomed human being told to do as his commander ordered.

I then I start pondering the reason for the war – and in actuality, there was no real reason. It was a feud waged generations ago. The only thing that precipitated the battles was that at one point someone had killed the other. It was getting hard to breath and I was fading.

I gave a quick smile that broke into a cringe because of the pain. My mind was filling with scenes of my teenage years. I lived in a small cottage with my single mother. My father had died on the battle field so it was becoming to pass as he did. I then wondered how his demise came. Was it quick like being beheaded, or stabbed right in the heart? Or did he lie with thoughts like I was?

I looked at my outpost of wood and stone burning with the standard of my kingdom of Solace devoured by flames. I cried. Not from sadness but pride to fight for what that flag represented – the life of my fellow citizens and our way of our existence which was just to thrive, be at peace and also to honor God.

This pervasion of thought brought a whole new facet of pondering. If God was real, I never really served Him from true fealty. I had been an altar boy from twelve years old. I recall listening to priests in gorgeous robes in the Grand Cathedral, an exceedingly decedent array. In my mind’s eye I looked up to admire the heavenly mural on the vaulted ceiling. What, if there is such a thing, would heaven be like?

Was it truly as typical imaginings of being on white puffy clouds and having wings? Or were those just for angels? It occurred to me that I was thinking of this…supernatural construct like it was indeed real. Then my thoughts brought me to a truly dire and stark conception – hades. Was there in fact real realm with fire and brimstone, that doomed souls who rejected God and did evil in their lives were put in?

If that was the case I did not want the latter! Then I began to pray to God if there was a God. I closed my eyes and prayed silently:

God if you’re there, please hear me. I know I am a sinner like all man are. But I beseech You to accept my plea. Save my life and ensure I do not go to the place of torment. I accept You as my ruler and king.

I opened my eyes and saw the blood red sun sinking behind the Hillcrest Mountains in a lurid twilight. I knew that with its setting so would my life expire. I felt my body only minutes from dying. Then, something marvelous happened.

I saw a something shine with white light in the sky. It was descending and I made out a human male appearance with stork’s wings. He wore a robe and had eyes like the most pristine emeralds. As it neared, I was distraught with fear.

When the being had lighted ion the ground, he spoke with a voice like a trickling stream.

“Don’t fear. God has heard your piety and humility.”

Suddenly the pain left me and my eyes were wide with tears of joy. Certainly an angel.

He kneeled and stretched forth his hand. “Come with me,” he said. I took hold of it and he raised me to my feet. Puzzled, I glanced down and saw my body still, like an empty cocoon. I rose into the air with the angel and instantly I was in the brightest place, brighter than seven suns.

Then I saw standing in white robes some of my comrades I had fought with. Although they were different from their human forms, I recognized them all.

One of them named Jairus called me by my name. “Welcome home Jasper.”

And that brings me to the present as I exist in glorified state in a place of love and peace. And I knew eventually more of my warrior peers would come to this place as well. So I end this brief narration like a solemn prayer – amen and amen.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2186560