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Two boys, a dog, and the clear blue sky.
”We have to hide!”

“Why, I’m not afraid of him.”

“Then you’re stupid for sure and if you stick around your going to be dead for sure.”

“Maybe not, maybe he’s all bark and no bite.”

“Maybe you’re a bigger dumbass than I thought you were. I’m outa here.”

Ray turned to leave, but Jim grabbed him and shoved him in the direction of the werewolf that was fast approaching.

Ray started screaming and hollering and making a horrible fuss.

The werewolf skid to a stop and changed back into a human. He immediately grabbed his ears and shouted, “You’re hurting my ears. Why are you doing that?”

“I thought you were going to eat me!”

The werewolf rolled on his side and roared with laughter.

Ray said, “What’s so funny?”

Out Of breath the werewolf said, “We don’t eat people, that’s a myth that was started to protect our pack.”

Before he could finish speaking a witch swooped down on her broom and carried Ray away.

Werewolf looked at Jim and motioned to the sky, “It’s the witches you have to watch out for.”
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