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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2186823
this is what happens on a camping trip into unknown mountains
Prompt: you settled in your tent for the night when you har strange sounds you can't identify. You open the flap slightly to take a peek, and before you know it a vampire, Werewolf, and Zombie jump ut at you.

The trek into the mountains had ended for the day. I had set up my tent, as had the others in my group, we started a fire to do some cooking and have a few beers and relax after the long trek into the hills. As the fire grew larger, Everybody became more relaxed, as if it really gave us ore security the bigger the fire grew. It really didn't but everyone felt that it did, so I went with it.
Te sun finally went down beneath the horizon, the day disappeared and gave way to the night. It was a beautiful night, cloudless, a cool breeze blew by us. The full moon came up over the horizon, shedding its light as much as the sun did during the day.
I watched the beauty of nature unfold before me, and I was totally in awe of its untamed beauty. I lifted a beer to my lips and took a small drink if its coolness. I let the liquid flow from the bottle down my throat instantly withoout stopping in my mouth.
I sat back and watched the others having a good time beside the fire. They were laughing, joking, singing, and the like. I just watched as I had always done from the sidelines. I watched the night progress as the joking and singing gradually drifted off. The groupd I was with started to break up, mostly into couples, or more and move off either into the bushes or someones tent to do what ever they were going to do. I never took part in that stuff, and eventually was the last one awake, as the fire died down.
The sounds of laughter and frivality finally died down and were replaced and were replaced by the crickets, and other soounds of the night which were occasionally replaced by a stray moan or other noises from the tents of the campers there with me.
I took this time to enjoy the beauty of the night time beauty the mountains gave me. I dont often see these sights so I took full advantage of everything I could. I sat quietly as the others in my group had other tfun in mind, fun I never thought of bringing up here.
After a feew more beers, and some quiet reflextion, I finally began to feel sleep taking over my brain. I finished off my beer and ensured that the fire was completely out before retiring to my tent.
Taking one last look around before I climbed in to the tent, zipped up the flap, laid down and allowed sleep to take me to what ever land it was going to take me too. It wasn't long before I felt my self dozing off.
I dont know how long I slept, but a noise outside my tent stirred me back to consciousness instantly. As I adjusted to the fact that I ws now awake, I laid there a second or two to ensure I really heard something, and didn't let my mind make up the sound.
After a few minuets or so, I got my confirmation that I really did hear something. It was an unusual noise. One I just could not place. But at firat I chalked it up to the sounds of nature, but then there was more of the sound, then silence again, only to have the sound return once again.
By this time I was curious as to what was making the sounds I heard. I quickly, bt quietly turned around in my tent and slowly unzipped the flap of my tent. At first I thought one of the other campers was having fun with someone outside of the tent maybe by where the fire was, which was against the groups rules that were established. But thatthinking was abolished when I stuck my head out of the flap and looked around and saw nothing going on outside the tents.
So, Thinking I was hearing something, I slipped my head back in and was about to rezip my tent and go back to sleep, when I heard the sound once again very clearly, alost like it was right outside my tent.
Now I was starting to get concerned, so this time I got completely out of y tent, grabbing my small flashlight as I did. I slowly walked towards the firepit, using the light as a guide. As before the firepit area was empty and had nothing going on there. I looked around and found a foot print of some kind in the dirt.
I touched it and it was soft and still warm, indicated that it was still fresh, something came through here recently, there was no doubt about it, now. I began to look atround when I found another and then another leading me in a particular direction, which happened to be in the general direction of most of the other tents with the group.
Suddenly the trail ended suddenly. Ilost it completely, the strange part of it was that there was no trees, or anything for the creature to be in or on in the nearby vincinity. I looked around even further and found no tracks what so ever. That puzzeled me as it is almost impossible for a creature that heavy to just fly away without wings of some kind, and there was no anumal, in this time, that big that had wings, at least none that I knew of anyway.
Suddenly my nose noticed a very strong scent hanging in the air. It was a familiar scent... It was dog, or rather a canine scent, it was undeniable to me. But not the usual dog smell, it was different, more woodsy-like, less a dog as a pet-like. I looked around even further and still found nothing.
After about ten minuets of investigating, I turned around to go back to my tent, thinking that this beast, what ever it was, had just passed through the camp, harmed no one and nothing on its way through.
I turned around and began to head back, when my flashlight caught a slight glow off in the darkness from within the bushes near the trail. I found it interesting, and shined my light in that direction, but saw nothing there, but more footprints.
I listened for a second or two hoping to hear this creature moving in the woods, I heard nothing but the sound of crickets and the gentle breeze which moved the air around, which was what was carrying the canine scent.
So, thinking now that this was my own mind causing these things to happen, I had given up and began to move back to my tent once again. This time I came face to face with a large beast, much like a dog, or maybe a wolf stnding right behind me.
Its eyes were bright red, and its teeth were ore fericous that anything I had ever seen or faced before. I froze in fear so intense I couldn't move a muscle at all. My eyes locked onto the beasts eyes, and They froze in their place.
Slowly the beast let out a low growl that would curl the hair on anything it was staring at, and the last thing I remember was the creatures claws ripping into me, and then my world suddenly turned black, and I passed out of the realm of the conscious.
Would I survive this? I truly hope not, I was now in darkness, and the complete absence of life. Was it death? Or worse? I dont know. All I could do is just wait for me to pass out of this realm, if I was going to, only time will tell.
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