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by Rissa
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Monica Blake just looks like an average girl, but behind the scenes is an unknown person.
Monica's POV

"Where did I that backpack?" I thought to myself. Yesterday, I dropped my bag somewhere, after coming home extremely tired. I had searched the entire room and still couldn't find it. My room was really dark because I liked it that way, but the only light shining was the glow that kept my power running: Love Power. I discovered my bag at the foot of my bed, face-palmed myself, and went downstairs for my breakfast. I ate my Fruit Loops while scrolling through social media and dropped my bowl in the sink, praying that it didn't break. I was extremely late, and I'm pretty sure the bus doesn't come at 8:45 in the morning. I guess it's time for my million mile walk. I finally got to school at 9:15, to see an empty...well almost empty hall that either had teachers or careless students leaning against lockers. I squinted my eyes from the light coming through the windows; since I'm accustomed to my dark room, so much light hurt my eyes.

When I got to the first period, my math teacher, Mr. Campbell, looked at me angrily and said," Ms. Blake, you're late for class...again," Yes, it wasn't the first time that I've been late for school and I don't think it'll be the last. I looked at him with a blank face, mumbled 'sorry', and took a seat. I got out my Math book as soon as Mr. Campbell left to do his 'school errands'. I don't think that's what he's actually doing though. The school bully, Nicholas Douchebag Spence, and no, that's not his real middle name, I don't have time to figure that out. He mocked what Mr. Campbell said," You come late almost every morning. We might have to put you in detention for that one day," He and his gang of idiots started laughing their heads off. I just ignored them and did my work. I don't have time for time wasters.

Out of nowhere, our principal, Mrs. Williams, came to our class and called specific people. Gladly, Douchebag and the pipsqueaks were some of them. "Please don't pick me, please don't pick me," a girl beside me begged. That lady scared the crap out of her. She had gotten all the chosen ones and brought them to her office. There were only a few of us left, and all we could do was sit and wait until Mr. Campbell came back to class. One of the Math geeks of the school, Brian Clarke, stood up and went to the whiteboard. There was murmuring all over the classroom. "What is that boy gonna do now?" I thought with a bored face. The remaining class watched silently as he worked out a Math equation in 10 seconds. Most of us would take like an hour to work it. The whole room was jaw-dropped at that speed, as Brian looked at us awkwardly as if that wasn't awesome. Weird, but awesome.

As soon as he finished the equation, Mr. Campbell came into the class, clapping his hands slowly. "Where is the class?" he asked. Everyone refused to answer, knowing that if they did, there was more questioning to come. He got angry and started with this long, boring speech about discipline. My neighbour was so busy doodling, that I don't think he's hearing anything that Mr. Campbell is saying. That neighbour is my crush, James Thompson. He is that guy that loves sports, has a nice smile, is friendly, and is charismatic. All I could do was stare at his face until I realized that I almost started drooling. "See something you like?" he asked smirking, with his deep husky voice. I hesitated to answer, and just decided to say nothing at all. I've already embarrassed myself enough almost drooling, it was best to shut up. I waited a while to see if he would say anything, and he actually did. "I like you too," he said with a wink. I have 3 words for you. I. Was. Dumbstruck. "What do you mean by-" I asked before the bell cut off my question.

It was time for my favourite class, Literature, when I heard the most upsetting sentence of my life. "Monica, I need to speak to you." Mr. Campbell said with a not so happy face. A bunch of immature 'Oooouuus' filled the room and everyone stared at me. I sat in the front row and waited impatiently for everyone to get out. "What is the problem sir?" I asked curiously. This is the first time I've heard Mr Campbell call me by my first name, and that meant that something was either bad or just too good to be true. "You are a very attentive and disciplined student unlike the rest," he said proudly, but was such a lie, "but your average is 78%." I felt actually impressed with myself, to be honest. As a love fairy, I always have to be tending to cases between so many people, and then I don't have time to study. As an undercover student, I have to care about my grades. Getting a B+ is actually good. "I guess you know about prom that's happening...uhh," Mr C said, trying to remember the date. "Next month," I said assuringly. "Yes," he replied with a smile, which then faded to a frown. " Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can't enter without an average of 90% and over."

Oh, come on! I've been saving for prom since the year started and I skipped lunch a couple times for nothing. I wasn't expecting to hear this at all! I felt like to panic and complain, but that would just make my situation worse. "Understood Ms Blake?" he asked reassuringly. "Yes sir..." I groaned miserably. My best friend Kiana had sent me a message to meet here at the parking lot. I really didn't want to miss the rest of my Literature class, but what Kiana had to tell me might be important. How did Kiana ditch class anyway? I made up my mind and started walking toward the parking lot. As soon as I got there, Kiana was jumping up and down anxiously. "Alrighty ditcher, what do you want?" She shrieked with a huge grin, " I have a case for you!!!" I was really excited that this was happening. I haven't had a case in months and I finally have one. Any case from Kiana is challenging, and this is how I get bad grades every year. "It's a case with..." she said slowly, " me and James Thompson!!!"

My face showed excitement, but deep down inside my heart was drowning in tears. "Yay!" I tried to celebrate, but my reaction was the opposite. Tears came running down my face like a river. I felt like to avoid Kiana and never talk to her again, then again, she was my best friend; and I couldn't leave her alone. I knew that I couldn't tell her about my crush. I just couldn't. She would let me have him, and that would ruin her love life. That is not what I was made to do. Even if it meant nights of ice cream and sad love movies, I don't want to break my best friend's heart. I quickly wiped my tears and talked to her about the case. When we were done, I felt partially better. "What were you crying about?" Kiana asked curiously. Curiosity killed the cat, don't let it kill ya. "I'll tell you when I'm ready," I sniffled. I embraced Kiki and we both went our separate ways. It was time for Science, the most embarrassing subject of all.

It was one day when everything was going well for me until Ms. Hamilton told the class that we'd be dissecting frogs. I had a funny feeling in my stomach, but I stayed in the class anyway. When I had got to the brain of the darn frog, I puked and blacked out. Luckily, the daredevil of Science class, Ariana, carried me to the nurse's office while the rest of the class scorned and tried not to vomit. James helped her, thinking that she was not strong enough to carry me alone. After all, I am really heavy. I was embarrassed that I made a mess of myself in front of him, but his presence made me feel better. I took a seat beside my boy best friend, Caleb, and waited for Mrs. Morrison to get to class. It seemed as if all the female staff members were married. "Today class, you will be learning about how to raise a child. " Mrs. Morrison said as soon as she entered the classroom. This was my chance to be partners with James. Eeek! "Each srudent will pair up with the opposite gender. The boys will be picking their wives today." she said jokingly. My 90% chance just dropped to a 75%. What if Caleb picked me? What if James didn't pick me?

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