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Chapter one of my Naruto Fan fiction
If only this was a poorly written novel, I would stop reading. When I woke up, I saw God and was told I died a tragic death, honestly, I am sure, I burned to death because the last thing I remember was sleeping at my house, but whatever that's not a memory I would like to know about. I would have thanked God, but honestly, he is an ass.

He only told me because I was abnormally kind hearted, I could live a different life, and because I was a fan of Naruto, he decided that was the world I would spend my next life in. Before I even responded I ended up tossed into a dark hole.

After a while, some fancy lights appeared, and they transported me into a random body in Neji's class. Lucky for me I was not a moron. While it might not make sense, I knew this was not a joke. It would be too expensive and honestly, it was not funny.

Oddly, God left a note for me, which said, "No system or anything sorry, but you have flawless control of your chakra because I felt bad. Good luck enjoy your second life."

Well, that makes me pretty strong, I guess I can't complain…

I looked around and noticed that I was in class. It was just me and Team Guy. I wondered if this class just had fewer students or if this was because of the war. Perhaps it caused a temporary population problem?

Holy shit, I am Itachi's kid. Was he killed off or something? Either way, I am pretty fucking busted I have the Sharingan and Flawless Chakra control. I wondered if I should join the Anbu, but decided not too. I honestly dislike the 3rd, he should have protected Naruto's reputation better, or at least sent him a trainer. Honestly, even if I could I would not save him from Orochimaru.

Mostly because Tsunade might not become Hokage, it was not worth saving him, but on second thought maybe I should… Honestly, the only people I want to save are Jiraiya and Asuma because they were awesome. If I leaked the information about Danzo perhaps, nothing would really happen and given all his eyes, I cannot kill him soon.

And, if I stick out too much they would investigate me… I am protected to an extent. Itachi used a strong genjutsu which prevented Danzo from learning about me, but if too much information about my eyes gets out. I suspect Danzo would realize it and deal with it.

Likely because I lost my family, I got the Mangekyo Sharingan. I have an interesting combination, Kami and Tsukuyomi. I honestly think little of Tsukuyomi, but Kami is awesome. If I ever see Danzo, I will blow off his head. Even if something happens, he will probably blame Sasuke. Well, I would have to wait until after he leaves the village, but it's not to big a deal.

Sadly, Susanoo will not help me feels like a connection issue. O well, shit happens, I got here am I am pretty strong when push comes to shove, but because I do not wish to become blind, I should learn.

Not sure when Orochimaru will attack, but I guess I will have around 3 years? Either way, I will know once Naruto and his squad attend the exams.

I looked at Iruka who surprisingly tossed an eraser at me, I could have dodged it but I internally sighed and let it hit my head. Tenten was giggling once it hit me. Lee focused on the lesson and did not notice me getting whacked like the rest of the class. Perhaps, he was looking at his paper? Neji did not seem to care.

Not sure how I should react, because I did not remember much about my past, or even what my new name was. But, it is not like I could act so well that I could fool these people. I decided to just be myself and tossed the eraser back at my teacher.

Iruka smiled while he kicked it back at me while making me run a few laps around the school.

Tenten looked a little pestered by me, but that is likely her tsundere side, I think it is cute.

Honestly, she is pretty cute. If they are going to stick me in this world, I want to date her. After all, I am only 13… I want a girlfriend just like any other kid.

After I was done thinking of Tenten,... I mean running laps. I went back to class. While I had the super tier skills, it's not like I knew how Chakra works and how to cast Jutsu.

At least I could sense it and move it around my body at will, given my control I do not think running out of it will be an issue, but I would like to know how much of it I have.

Iruka was teaching us how to use the transformation Jutsu and while I thought casting them would be hard. It was pretty simple. All I had to do with think of that Jutsu use the sign and expend some Chakra. Overall, I was disappointed

Perhaps this was contented to the flawless mastery of Chakra control, where I did not really have to understand anything, later on, I will try walking up a tree.

Iruka looked at me again while I was ignoring him, and of fucking course, he bitched.

It is not my fault... What he is teaching us is not that hard. I think of Naruto and almost use his best Jutsu but decide not to and end up doing a normal transformation.

Once I saw his face, I knew it worked. He stood there with his jaw open while looking at me.

I giggled when I saw his expression and said, "It is not that hard to do teacher. Who would not be bored?"

Tenten and even Neji stared at me. In response, I asked, "Can you guys not do it too?"

I even said, "Look even Lee can do it!" Everyone knew Lee loved taijutsu and were a bit stunned he could do it too.

However, Neji and even Tenten did it too, which made Iruka feel a bit silly.

He added, "Truth is I have nothing to teach you all... Tenten your path forward lies in weapons and perhaps medical skills. Lee, you show great promise, and I believe you will become a great ninja once you master taijutsu, never give up."

"Neji while you are a talented ninja, you limit yourself to what you consider fate is. I recommend you change your mindset otherwise you will lose in battles which you might've won."

He then looked at me and said, "You still need to pick a path and stick to it. Remember we have limited time and cannot master everything."

Given my eyes, and Chakra control skills with time I could master everything, but he makes a good point perhaps I should focus more on Jutsu and ignore Taijutsu? Well, I will talk to my future teacher and decide then.

After all, if Guy knew some medical skills, he would have killed Marada or had a really good chance.

It would be ideal if I teamed up with Lee we could become an awesome duo, but Guy would not be able to teach me anything. And, I could not break that team apart it really is pretty strong.

After I pondered his words, I thanked my teacher. Iruka taught the class some math stuff, which I did not know and soon class was dismissed,

Afterward, I approached Tenten and asked her if she would like to watch a play with me. She looked at me and asked, "Why?"

I rubbed my head and said, "Because I like you."

She squinted her eyes and asked, "Is this a joke?"

After hearing her words, I shook my head and said, "This is the first time I confessed to someone. Am I doing something wrong?"

She smiled and said, "No, but I don't really have any feelings for you."

I pouted for a second, but soon recovered and said, "Then let's change that," while grabbing her hand and leading her toward a play, which I am not sure why I knew about it. I guess I have some of this person's memories?

After watching the play, we ate together and chatted for a bit, and knowing her weakness for weapons, I asked her if she wanted to train tomorrow with them.

She sighed while saying, "How can I refuse?"

I smiled while winking at her and said, "Weapons are the best; they are only second to you."

While she said that my line was corny, I saw a little red on her checks. I guess I will use similar lines, in the future.

We decided meeting before class tomorrow would be best, which means I have to wake up earlier, but spending time with her is worth it.

She is a little tsundere, but a serious girl also she is not violent like Sakura. Also, she is way more developed than normal chicks.

She then waved me goodbye and headed home, while I wanted to spend more time with her, it was still a good day, and I still wanted to try out a few things.

I headed toward the forest, which unlike the anime was pretty safe, there was a training center, but I couldn't afford it.

I tossed a few knives toward a target and cried when I did not hit anything, while I may love weapons… I do not understand how to use them… Considering I have never trained, and that this is not even my body I knew that it was normal, but there is nothing I can do about it other than train normally.

I decided not to practice too much and started experimenting with chakra. It was pretty simple. All I had to do was think about what I wanted and I would be set. Sadly, I don't know my chakra nature. Nor am I aware of how high-level Justus' work.

I could only use the Rasengan; I attempted to use Chidori, but could not get any lighting to mix in.

After wasting my Chakra, I headed home. I'm guessing my 'dad' got a random girlfriend because I have no pictures of her here. I knew where my home was, and some facts about my new dad, but I am not even aware of my name.

Hopefully, Tenten will say it tomorrow. My name is Mike, but it would be a little odd to have such a name in this world no?

After sleeping, I barely woke up in time to shower and meet with Tenten but thankfully I can see her soon.

I found Tenten at the academy training grounds and smiled while using my Sharingan to steal her method of using weapons.

While I was not like Sasuke, I at least understood how to toss a dagger properly. While I wouldn't be able to use it in combat naturally, I can likely hit a target at a passing rate now.

I told her about my problem while displaying my poor skills, and she seemed touched, but yelled, "You can't only copy my style."

I rubbed my head while looking down and said, "What should I do?"

She smiled at me and said, "Practice, and perhaps change your form."

I attempted an underhanded toss but failed. However, even as a little girl, Tenten did not make fun of me.

She quickly changed my form, which was nice even if I was trying to learn. Having her eyes and hands solely on me was a blessing.

After she showed me the right method, I thanked her and asked her if she would like to learn a new technique. I then walked up to a tree and placed my palm on it, while activating my Rasengan and feeling a little overconfident.

She looked at the tree and then me, and shouted, "How did you do that!"

Naturally, I prepared a few balloons and explained the method. Tenten was my girl, how could I allow her to lose to Temari in the exams and give up her dreams about being like Tsunade.

I will do my best to support her. With these thoughts in mind I approach my angel and say, "If you can master this, I know you can become a talented medical ninja."

Perhaps she was overwhelmed because she nodded and practiced it right away. She was as bad as I was at first, {With weapons} but over time I had faith she would improve. Worst case, I can ask dad for advice.

While she likely did not have as much chakra as Naruto, she had more than I do. If she can get over the hump, Tenten can become a great support type ninja.

My girl gets a buff!

While she is training, I stop her for because I noticed it was a mistake to teach her that Jutsu.

I am not terrified of dealing with the 3rd, but if Danzo gets interested in me, it could be a problem. It would be even worse if finds out about my eyes.

When she turned and faced me, I smiled after hearing her say, "What's up?"

I place my hand over my heart and tell her not to share information about the jutsu and if people question her to point the finger at me, but I stressed the importance of never using balloons as a practice method in public.


Iruka saw Mike using the Rasengan on the tree and was stunned. Such a skill was way above his pay grade.

Luckily for Mike, he did not witness him teaching Tenten otherwise it could have been a bigger problem. The balloon method is too specific.

Iruka rushed into the Hokage's office, the 3rd looked at him and smiled while saying, "You have my attention, I hope you did not break a million rules for noting."

"Minato, one of my students displayed the Rasengan."

He responded, "Named after the 4th, and uses the same jutsu how interesting…"

He then sent the Anbu to watch the boy and dismissed his Iruka after telling him to keep quiet about the matter.

He was interested in how the child could use such a skill and who showed it to him. While the war was over, there was still tension in the air, but this technique was for his village while it interests him he did not think it was a problem.


Mike was not aware that someone spotted him, but after this situation became much more cautious because he felt he was strong, but he did not think he could beat the 3rd or even Danzo.

And with his Taijutsu skills, even Guy could beat him in a fight using none of his gates.


A few days passed by Mike and Tenten became good friends, but sadly the romance was not progressing. He would soon become a genin and join a squad.

One day when mike was going back to class, he meet with his dad.


I looked up at my dead and pouted because the first thing he did, was complain… About the Anbu following me. But knowing how the Sharingan works, this will be a simple task

I showed my father my eyes, and asked, "Do sorrows lead to power? Or blindness?"

Itachi opened his eyes when he saw my Sharingan, but did not act greedily and lowered himself and while asking, "What happened?"

I looked at him, while crying and said, "That's the thing! If you were here, would I have these worthless eyes?"

"You haven't even told me who my mom is!" Nor did you even tell me about Sasuke, or even that you killed our whole clan!" I took a breath and added, "I am sure you had your reasons, you nevertheless never trusted me or your own brother!"

I thought you adopted me… But, it turns out you know my father!

After venting, I smiled and used my Tsukuyomi on my 'father.'

Once we were in my world, I grinned, while saying "This is the first time I used this Jutsu do you know of it?"

"Yes, it is the strongest genjutsu."

Interesting, not sure how I know but we seem to have 100 hours here.

Looking at him made me ask, "Who is my dad?"


I responded, "The same one who gave his eye to Kakashi?"

Itachi nodded in response to my question and said, "You did not have to use this Jutsu. It is not really worth the price."

I rubbed my scalp and sighed whilst saying, "You have a point. I was a bit hotheaded."

I did not end the Jutsu, but I let him down from the cross I hanged from when starting the jutsu. He moved his body around likely getting rid of his stiffness and said, "While I am not connected to you by blood, I still care for you as much as my brother."

"I see, when you saw me you said something thing about the Anbu?"

"Yea, your being followed."

"I guess I am like your brother."

Itachi giggled and said, "It's a curse."

I asked, "Are you gay?"

"Maybe, you shouldn't cast these types of skills on fellow Uchiha, other than Sasuke we can all fight back."

I nodded my head and thought about Donzo. And figured that it would not be a good idea to blast him with Kamui… Fuck, Danzo is stupid strong…

I looked at Itachi and asked him if it was possible to kill Danzo. But, he responded only if I could become a Jonin, without abusing the Sharingan.

He recommended learning from Kurenai or a Sannin that was not Orochimaru.

I thought to myself and considered learning from the old man, but it could affect Naruto's training… Grandma as Naruto called her might be a good idea. With my Chakra control, it should not be a problem to push out Sakura, honestly, Naruto would be better off without her…

But I guess it would not be a good idea… I can learn from Kurenai, or perhaps I should seek out Grandma?

After pondering silently, I look up toward Itachi and say, "Sorry."

He shook his head and said, "If you have those eyes, I must've been a terrible father."

I spoke once again, "I will not ask about your robes, but in exchange, you cannot harm Naruto and must warn me once if your group acts against him.

And, yes I am talking about the 9 tails Jinjuriki.

Itachi must not have been surprised because he responded: "Is that the price of forgiveness?"

"I will forgive you once, you forgive yourself, also when your brother kills you make sure you tell him why you did everything. He is hard-headed."

Itachi nodded his head as the Jutsu ended.

After leaving the illusion Itachi handed me some contacts which will allow me to use the Sharingan without showing my eyes and waved me goodbye.

This will work wonders, but I should avoid using my better skills, the Sharingan is a crutch.
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