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A fun house should be fun right?
Word Count:1087
Contest: Screams!!!!
Prompt: Subliminal Messages

"Come on, lets go in the fun house. We'll get some great photos in there." Terri pulled Greg by the arm, leading him to the fun house.

She showed the operator their wrist bands and rushed Greg inside when the operator smirked at her, like he knew something she didn't. Brushing it off, she giggled and urged him to capture shots of the fun house mirrors, deforming her figure, as she posed.

"I feel like a little kid again." She laughed. Greg joined her, continuing on to the fun house maze. They both stumbled through the maze laughing as they bumped into the mirrors looking for the next turn. Terri's laughter started to sound forced. Greg watched the expressions she tried to hide through the lens of his camera. Silly, hurt, confused, angry, and then sinister. She laughed as though she had just hatched the perfect diabolical plan. Her pace sped up as if she had a guide through the maze. Greg still flashing pictures of her, struggled to keep up. He wasn't sure he wanted to, though. There was something weird about her in the moment. Not the laughter or speeding up. He figured she was messing with him and discovered the trick to the mirrors. It was the crazed look in her eyes that worried him. The eyes of a darkened mind seeking revenge. SHE KNOWS!, he thought. The mirrors began to shimmer black and ripple. Terri touched one and disappeared. Greg dropped his camera and started banging on the mirrors to catch up to her, save her, but nothing happened, at first. Greg dropped to his knees to his cracked camera. He flopped back against the mirror and held his camera around his knees. Flipping through his pictures, hoping to find a clue as to what made her disappear, he found the one thing he didn't want to find. His secret. Every mirror from the time they stepped in the maze was speaking to Terri, revealing his secret. At first the mirrors showed her pictures of his impurity, then words advising her how to deal with the emotions...and him.

The mirrors were guiding Terri, pushing her to act. Cut. Slice. Choke. Cut. Stab. Slice. Bleed. Cut. Stab. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Guiding her through the maze, the mirror trapped her in a prison of brokenness, convincing her it held the solution. The pictures didn't tell Greg where Terri was, or how to get to her, but they did tell him why she was gone. The mirror, magic he guessed, had taken her. The Fun House hadn't just kidnapped her. It was manipulating her mind, attaching strings to her creating its own marionette puppet. His mind told him not to be there when the mirror was done with her, but his heart wanted to save Terri. After betraying her and nearly causing her to waste her life on him, he felt he had to help her. He didn't love Terri in an intimate way. Although, the platonic love he felt for her was so strong he knew she was the best fit to cover up his secret. The one he really loved, he couldn't have, so he settled for Terri, in hopes to keep his forbidden feelings at bay. He couldn't let it all unravel in this way. She had every right to be mad, but kill him? He pushed through the thoughts, stood up, and started banging on the mirrors, commanding her release.


Terri fell into a shimmering vortex of heartbreak. Pictures. Those darn pictures. She landed hard in...nowhere in particular she supposed. All she saw was that same shimmering blackness. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. A single tear rolled down her cheek paving the way for salty streams. She closed her eyes and her mind flashed through the images of his betrayal. Her heart seemed to be beating at the bottom of her stomach. She opened her eyes and a new image rippled through the shimmering blackness. A bloody Greg on his knees, clutching his left side, reaching out for mercy. A pathway of images, all of ways to deal with Greg, appeared leading her to shimmering mirrors brightening in color until they were clear. Click. Click. Kill. Click. Click. "Greg?" Click. Click. Clenched fists. Click. Click. "So he knows, I know." Shimmering blackness. "He will NEVER do this again. I'll make sure to that." Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. She watched him bang on the mirror screaming, demanding the magic mirror monsters to free her.


Greg's hand went through the mirror, then his arm. His eyebrows rose, and he considered pulling away. He hesitated. The mirrors behind him seemed closer. He looked back at his arm, literally going through a mirror, and remembered Terri. He thought about how she must be feeling about what he had done and contemplated jumping through. The mirror behind him was definitely closer. He panicked. He felt his stomach rise to his throat and he shrieked as he fell thorough the shimmering blackness. He landed hard, too.

"They freed me all ready dear Greg, from YOU!" When he heard her voice, he jumped to his feet and turned to face her.

"Terri, I know how those pictures must look, but I can explain." He pleaded.

"No need." She replied with full confidence. The adrenaline surging through her was giving her strength.

"But I-" She raised her hand and closed her eyes for a moment turning her head from him. She took a few steps closer until she could feel his heavy breathing on her face.

"I understand everything." As quickly as she said it, her hand was grasped around his neck. Her fingernails digging into his skin, bringing him to his knees. The blood dripping through her fingers, made her squeeze harder, now, with both hands.

"I...love...y-" He pushed the words through with the little force he had left. Terri let his body fall.

"Not like I loved you." She closed her eyes, recomposing herself. When she opened her eyes, she was in the fun house maze again. No shimmering blackness or rippling mirrors. No Blood on her fingers. No Greg. Just laughing children getting closer to her. She realized she needed to get moving before someone found Greg. Where was Greg? She shook the thought and hurried through the rest of the fun house. The operator grinned when he saw her.

"Where is your friend ma'am?" He bellowed in laughter. She couldn't help but feel he knew everything.
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