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The limiting beliefs I will have to cast off.
We all have beliefs which hold us back. Many times we get passed these and succeed. There are times, though, when limiting beliefs are hard to let go of. These a few limiting beliefs which I am working to get rid of for my sake and the sake of Transition To Success.

The first is my belief that I can’t succeed in public speaking, that if I try it Transition To Success will fail. I have learned that video is essential for business promotion. I tried a few other things in order to avoid doing videos, but came to the realization that I had to swallow my fear and just do it. Now I am posting videos in my Facebook group every Friday. I have to practise for a while before I actually make the video in order for it to be any good. I am doing that now, and I am getting better and better. I was very pleased with my last two videos.

The second is my belief that writing is my only talent. I have learned that it is not, but when things in Transition To Success get tough I do start thinking that maybe I should stick to writing books. I will still leave my mark. I am good at forming relationships. This the principle behind Transition To Success. In the business I assist business people whose businesses are experiencing transitions. Therefore, I am taking business owners and getting to know them and their businesses in order to find out which programs will be of the most benefit to them. I have learned a great deal about the business owners I work with and the ways in which they run their businesses. I introduce them to my own programs, and once they have gone through the programs Transition To Success offers I pair them up with other business people who can help them learn the things I am unable to teach them in order to take their businesses to the next level after they have successfully transitioned. This takes a lot of relationship building, and this is something I can do for them. Writing is not my only talent, and I had to learn to embrace that reality in order to be of the most help to my clients.

The last limiting belief I had to let go of was that my family relationships hampered my ability to grow my business. My family are not interested in my business. What I have learned is that, for most business people, family is the first place to go for business promotion. I do not have that, but it does not hold me back. I have formed strong relationships with other business owners online. This has put me forward in my business. I would love to have the support of my family, but if I never get this, it will not have to stop me from growing Transition To Success. I can do this in other ways.

I have gotten over many personal hurdles by just letting go of what I thought would hold me back. I will keep moving forward.
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