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by Carini
Rated: E · Article · Health · #2188390
Being fit has little to do with rippling muscles or an hourglass figure

Staying Fit a Day at a Time

It's a misconception that sying fit requires a legthy worout as a gym. If you're overwight, you wouldn't want to be seen straining your muscles lifting ten pound weights while other fit bodies pump a hundred weight. Getting in exercise doesn't necessarily require gym time. In fact, it may do you more harm than good. Working out at the gym does help get in needed exercise, but you can get fit even if you never set foot in one.

Even of you're considering joining a gym, you need to know if it's really worth the price of membership. Plenty of folks have the best intentions, but lack the motivation to live up to their resolutions.

If you're middle aged or reached your senior years, the kind of exercise best for you may have nothing to do with pumping iron. Of course, there's a lot more to staying fit than lifting weights. Your diet has much to do with your energy levels. The right diet can give you the motivation to get on an exercise plan and staying on it until you see measurable results.

There's much more to being fit than running a marathon. Staying fit comes easier if all the pieces are in the right place. Skip one and the effect won't be dramatic.

That said, here are some pointers you may not have thought about, but are a requirement if you want to feel good, no matter what your age.

Your Outlook Toward Fitness

Forget about what advertising you see on the tube. What you see in the magazines are there by fitness "experts" intent on selling you something. Few people ever achieve those rippling muscles and hour glass figures. Rippling muscles and gorgeous figures may be harmful to the models you envy. You don't need to tear ligaments to look good. The goal is to reach a state of health that carries provides you a zest for living without the experience of pain and sickness.

Increase your Activity Level

It's easy to let ourselves go. We find excuses as we get accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. Simple exercises working the backyard, gardening, cleaning house, walking or playing ball with the kids help to keep us actively exercising the heart muscle. Activity of any kind is healthful. Less stressful is Tai chi. It's an easy method of exercise for seniors. This kind of exercise improves breathing, something lacking with most people.

Breathing Habits

Most people breathe shallowly. It's an unconscious process. But the lungs require far more oxygen than we give it. Oxygen fires up our energy levels. Studies have shown that improper breathing habits can lead to muscle atrophy and poor organ functioning. This alone is a major reason why so many give up trying to maintain good health and proper weight.

Need for Sleep

Few people find it hard to get the quality sleep necessary for good health. Sleep comes easier after a good day of activity, whther you get it exercising in the backyard or bricklaying. Of course, quality of sleep is much improved if your bedroom is designed for slumber and not noisy distractions. Good sleep means not going to bed on a full stomach. Exercise a few hours before slumber. Eat a few hours before your head hits the pillow. Learn to relax through prayer and meditation.

Need for Water

Water is essential for every part of the body. But a majority of people are severely dehydrated without knowing it. Just like breathing, water helps the organs function smoothly. A glass of water is a better substitute over soda, alcohol, coffe or fruit juice. Anything that contains sugar helps to keep the eyes wide open, something you don't want to happen for a good night of sleep. While you sleep, water helps to flush out accumulated toxins.

Like a well functioning car, all these points work in synergy with any exercise plan you may have in mind.

Bio: Mario is a freelance writer who covers subjects of health,self-improvement and spirituality. He has published a sci-fi book entitled:A Harvest of Thorns. The book is currently available on Amazon, Chapters and other online bookstores. He is also an accomplished artist as his digital works appear on FineArt America, DeviantArt and Pinterest. To brouse through his work, go to: www.mario-carini.pixels.com

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