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by Paul D
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Some inventions can't be uninvented.
Willian Talon sat in the dirt in a cave somewhere in the southwest. He'd had too much time to consider what went wrong – not that it mattered now. He'd dreamed of winning the nobel prize, having his name in the history books alongside Einstein.

His dreams had become nightmares because when he discovered time travel, he didn't even know he'd succeeded until it was too late.

Now, he was stuck here in the past with nothing to do, except ponder what had gone wrong.

The cave was gone, and he stood on a tall hill overlooking a long wide valley filled with running creatures, which were being chased by a large group of T-rex. T-rex?

* * *

Will never bothered to build a time machine; he doubted a machine would ever work; instead he studied theory from Einstein, Hawking, and others and came to the conclusion they were all wrong about time travel.

His idea was that the reason time travel didn't work was that people were insync with the world. To move through time people would needed to be out of sync. He started experimenting to prove his theory.

Patience had never been one of Will's strengths. As experiment after experiment failed, he began to think he was on the wrong track. But, he remembered Edison, who never gave up on his battery experiments despite over 10,000 failures.

Will managed to get six hours sleep a night. He couldn't let his mind rest as he went over why the experiments kept failing, but he believed he'd figure it out.

Days became weeks that turned to months, leading to years, ending in decades. Will was 75 and near the end of his life, which he'd wasted on failed experiments. There were no words that could express his sense of despair.

Light came through a window over his desk and struck a prism. He looked at the colorful dancing lights on the wall. An idea came to him, but he wasn't jumping for joy. After more failures than he could count, he didn't expect success.

The flight to Switzerland seemed to take forever. Will's patience had run out. His life was near its end; he literally had no time to waste. His idea was so far off the wall, he was afraid to even mention it to anyone else.

The plane landed in Geneva. He took a rental car to the location of the Large Hadron Collider. He made a note of where his car was located in the parking lot, then he took his oversized 'tool' box and headed for the entrance.


At his age the steps up to the facility were a bit tiring, and they slowed him down. He felt the press of time like it was trying to drive him into an early grave.

Once inside, he informed the guard at the info desk of his appointment with Dr. Noel. Will sat on a chair and waited. He was happy now for time to come to a crawl, except for the loud ticking of the clock on the wall, reminding him of the march forward of time.

Dr. Noel was also a grey old man and welcomed Will as one almost corpse would another. A section of the collider had been set aside for Will – at an astronomical price. When Will arrived, he set up his experiment.

The wooden box was the size of a shoe box, and it was inside a shielded clear container, which would not be affected by the atom collider.

Will's target was the air around the container. A loud humming caught Will by surprise.

* * *

Will opened the trunk of the rental car. He was pleased he had found the location of the collider without getting lost. He pulled the oversized tool box out, happy that it weighed only ten pounds.

He checked his watch. Five minutes early - not too bad. He looked down at his feet, slowing sinking into the parking lot surface. “What the hell?”

* * *

Will bounced in his seat and was grateful he'd left the seatbelt secured. He hated flying, and this was only his second time in the past 30 years. Another hour and he would be in Geneva. He so wanted this experiment to work; yet, he recognized it would likely fail.

Will realized a sinking sensation and realized his body was dropping down into his seat. It was frightening and comical at the same time. “I must be dreaming.”

His dream turned to nightmare as he fell from the plane and into the air. His downward flight was slow, and he landed softly.

* * *

Will carefully packed the oversized tool box. Everything he needed for the experiment was in place. His plane left in the morning. He was so excited—the tool box was sinking into the bed. He laughed, the sight was so impossible, he had to laugh. A sudden realization hit him.

* * *

Will sat in the grass on the hill watching the T-rex feast. His memories of the past were still firmly in his mind. This travel to the past had not changed his age. He was still an old man. His stomach growled with hunger. He suspected this trip to the past had taken only a few days.

He looked down. The valley was empty and peaceful, except for some pools of water with steam streaming into the air from them. He felt proud to have discovered time travel and also foolish to have been caught in this downward spirial into the past where soon he would die, and no one would ever know of his great discovery.

* * *

“The area where the Large Hadron Collider was once located has been declared a natural disaster. The collider and the area near it vanished a few weeks ago, and no one is willing to absolutely declare where it went.

“A few scientists believe it collapsed into it own black hole, but one thing is very certain, anyone who has ventured into this area has also vanished.

“The most disturbing discovery is that this unsettled area is slowly growing larger. The latest estimate is that Geneva will no longer exist 30 days from now. Europe will be gone within a year, and Earth will cease to exist within two years.

“This is Geoge Dawson reporting for World News Tonight.”

* * *

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