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by Paul
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He may have made a mistake not asking first.
“Hi, sweetie, I’m glad you’re home.”

“What’s wrong love?”

“I’m depressed thinking about my birthday next week. I’ll be 50 and I want to go some place.”


“I don’t know.”

“Was this prompted by Jim taking Alison to the Bahamas on a cruise? It was her birthday in January. And you two tell each other everything.”

“No...well, maybe...no...I don’t know. Yeah, we’ve talked about it and she loved it. So, maybe yeah.”

“So, what about that trip to Amsterdam you talk about?”

“My parents took me there when I was fourteen and I loved it. I dream about it some times.”

“You tell me about them. I have a confession to make. I’ve done something I probably shouldn’t have.”

“What? Tell me. Is this something recent or from your raucous past?”

“Recent, you know all my past.”

“You got a new secretary and she’s an ex porn star?”

“God, Shelly. No, no new secretary. Here’s your birthday present.”

“Early? Why? It’s not for nine days.”

“You’ll need the time.”

“Time? What’re you talking about?”

“Because in seven days we get on a KLM flight to Amsterdam where we spend a week at the Park Plaza Victoria then get on a Viking longboat cruise ship and twenty three days later wind up in Bucharest.”

“What’re you talking about? Are you crazy?”

“Yeah, crazy in love with you. We need some alone time. I finished that design and told them if they didn’t give me six weeks paid leave I’d quit. They paid for the airfare too.”

“I love you Ian Gordon. You’re an incredible man.”

“So I’m forgiven for doing it without asking first?”

“I’ll show you forgiven later. Now there’s several things I’ll need from the mall.”

“It figures.”

“Later, remember?”

“Oh, yeah!”
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