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At times the world can seem like a dark prison cell, then the light breaks in!
Last night I slipped into a dream
with darkness all around.
A cold and empty, lonely space
no light or any sound.

I felt this deep depravity
of each mistake I've made.
As a heavy crushing weight
upon my chest was laid.

My mind was in confusion
is this where my life will end.
Alone here in the darkness
with a heart that will not mend?

I looked to find the meaning
some kind of inspiration.
But all I found was emptiness
left soaked in desperation.

There was a strong miasma
seeping through this charcoal night.
The stench of death stole the air
my faith now gone from sight.

Lying in this prison cell
the walls of solid steel.
No cracks to let the light in
the door secured and sealed.

I had merely one last hope
a mercy cry of prayer.
God, please let me see your light
and breath your blessed air.

At once steel was groaning
bolts popping out of place.
The door fell off its hinges
light streaming in this space.

Darkness that surrounded me
crawled back from where it came.
A weight was lifted from my heart
the sin with all its shame.

I woke with such a startle
sunlight filling up the room.
Not one darkened shadow
or a place for it to loom.

Grace came flooding in my soul
where darkness used to roam.
A love I've never felt before
has found itself a home.

As I close my eye tonight
to wander dreamlands lair.
I no more fear the darkness
or the trap of evils snare.

'Cause Gods spirit lives within me
His protection guaranteed.
As I walk a straight and narrow path
And let my Father lead.

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