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Rated: E · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2188687
A young lady enters a writing contest.

The Contest

A bright young lady named Josie has found this advertisement

announcing a Creative Writing contest. The entry must be about a most

unique and exciting marriage proposal. The Prize is for $1000 and the

winning contestant's story would be published in six languages and given

a Literary Scholarship to a University of their choosing. The rules are

that words in the description of the marriage proposal have to include

the words trust, love, peace, happiness, faithful, 100%.

Josie is in her library and office she is reading out loud the rules of

the entry of a contest of an advertisement she has found in the

magazine. "This sounds, like a dream come true."

"Oh, my I have to include in my entry the words of trust, love, peace,

happiness, faithful, and 100%."

"I can do this, I just know I can."

"I want to be a writer so bad that I can taste it and not only that the

sense of fulfilling my life-long dream will come true. I am so thrilled to

get this chance to do this."

So, Josie gets out her typewriter and prepares her desk for this


Before Josie types she starts remembering her exact proposal and

tries to figure out on paper the exact wording she wants to use. To

her, her proposal was the most beautiful she ever heard, but a slight

niggle of doubt hits her momentarily. Josie puts her pencil to her

creased temple but pushes the worry aside.

"No, I must think positive about this project, showing determination in

her voice."

"I don't care what others think, this is my chance to hit it big. You

can't win if you never try and quitters never get anywhere, I mustn't

allow fear to win over me."

She starts speed writing her notes really fast describing her proposal

on paper. Finally finished in several hours of prepping her writing she

reads out loud to herself what she has written.

Hi, my name is Josie Spencer and I want to tell you about my marriage

proposal to Joel Grant, my finance. We are 21 years old and of legal

marriage age. One day and her voice fades out as she is transported

back to that very day of her proposal.

"Let's go to Crater Lake Joel speaks with enthusiasm."

"Okay! Josie is agreeable to his proposal of this long day trip."

{Crater Lake National Park is in Southern Oregon; it is known for its

namesake Crater Lake, which was formed by a collapsed volcano, known

as Mount Mazama, Wizard Island is a cinder cone near the western

edge of the lake. The Rim Drive, is a road surrounding the lake, which

offers many views of the park's volcanic formations. The parks have

numerous trails that include Sun Notch, there are views of the

Phantom Ship, and a small island. they drive up there and park and take

the trail that will bring them to a cliff where a tall tree stands and

there is space enough to sit by the huge tree trunk and have a picnic.

They enjoy the scenery it offers the type of atmosphere that would be

good for meditation.

Josie and Joel look dreamily out over the beautiful scenery before

them sitting on a rock to rest and watching the scenery of the

mountains in the distance, relishing the cool breeze kiss their faces

and just watch the fluffy clouds float by.

"Oh, Joel this is just picture perfect. Thank you ever so much for

bringing me up here."

"Oh, you are so welcome my love, feeling pleased he has made Josie


"I am so happy to know that you are enjoying it as much as I am."

"Yes, very much so."

They proceeded on their hike and finally reach the spot they want to

set their picnic up at is at a nearby shade tree and they proceed to

spread out their picnic.

"Josie before we sit down to eat, I have something I want to tell you

and then ask you. Joel speaks with mysterious undertones in his voice

making Josie wonder what he could possibly have that sounds so


"Okay, what is it?"

Joel turns to Josie taking her in his arms and kisses her with a deep

passionate kiss that only two people truly in love will experience. Then

he pulls back while still holding her and looks into her beautiful young

face with sparkling twinkling eyes he speaks the most romantic words

she could ever dream of hearing.

Joel took a deep breath, "Josie, we have been dating for four years

now and I think it is time to go beyond what we now have with each

other. I love you with my body, heart, mind and soul and I have grown

to trust you with my very life. I promise to be faithful to you and give

you 100% of myself and ask that you do the same. Each of us working

towards fulfillment of peace and happiness and maintaining a good

open communication between us at all times."

He took another deep breath and continues his speech slowly, "I

wonder if you would do me the honor of becoming my bride?"

this was the long-awaited moment of every young lady dreams of and

Josie stood in complete awe and a little giddy at what to her were the

most beautiful words ever spoken.

Josie took a deep breath and a swallow and answers breathlessly.

"Oh, yes Joel, yes, yes, yes!"

Several weeks have passed and Josie receives a letter in the mail and

she opens it up with Joel to witness the bad or good news. Both of

them wait with anticipation as she carefully unfolds the letter. She

took a deep breath and began to read out loud to Joel.

Dear Ms. Josie Spencer, we are writing to inform you that your entry

that you submitted several weeks ago has won first prize of $1000 will

be mailed to you shortly within the next few weeks. Your entry will also

be published in six languages and will be published in next month's issue

of Dating and Marriage Today. This being a special issue as a collector's

memorabilia to remember this special event, also the scholarship will be

awarded to you of the University of your choice.

Both of them thrilled with her luck and they hugged and kissed

passionately. They moved on to set a date for their wedding day to be

next year at Valentine's Day.

Epilogue: One year later Josie is still in college and is taking creative

writing classes. Her entry has opened many doors of opportunity for

her. She has gotten a publisher and an agent of her own and is now

writing a collection of inspirational short stories to be published next

year, with going to school and working from home at her dream job of

creative writing and her marriage are a fairytale come true, let's just

say that true happiness rules her home. She has nothing more to ask,

well maybe just one to be a, well known writer of novels. With her

positive attitude she knows she will succeed. Could anything be better?

Only the beginning....

The moral of this story: Never let doubt keep you from doing the

things in life you want to accomplish. Always stay positive and success

will be your reward.

Information about Crater Lake National Park, Southern Oregon came from Google Internet

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