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Journey Through Genres Contest Entry April 2019
Journey Through Genres Contest Entry April 2019

Karla tap-tapped the steering wheel. Luckily her mother wasn’t here to make her stop “that annoying racket”.

She smiled. Today, a great day, another huge step toward adulthood and freedom. Her head snapped back as the track started up again, bringing her and her car ever closer to the testing area. By the end of the day she would be fully licensed and, per her wonderful father, have a nice new car of her very own. She desperately prayed for the hover model, the one with a propeller on either side and one on the tail, allowing the car to hover for an extended amount of time. Touted as the newest and latest of a long line of luxury flying cars (according to the advertisement), she had fallen in love with it instantly. She has been leaving those ads and brochures all over the house hoping her father would get the not so subtle hint. She didn’t even care what color, as long as he got the model right.

The cars used for the drivers’ test were, of course, older models. Although they were equipped with VID technology so they weren’t that old. Good thing too. Her best friend had called her just before she got to the test site and told her something BIG has happened, they need to talk like Now! But Karla couldn’t be late for her test and they confiscate phones before you can even get into a car.

The test didn't concern her overly much, driving was a breeze, the car did most of the work even if you had to use manual controls, which is required for the test. The VID on the console and the BIG news Annalee had to tell her made her impatient and anxious to find out what could be so important that her friend would call her just before her driving test.

The tapping increased as she thought about what the secret could possibly be. She couldn’t turn on the VID until after the test started. Once she is away from the station, flying through the course, they wouldn’t have any way to know if the VID had been turned on. She had to wait.

Twenty minutes later, mentally exhausted, she went through the required steps for the start of her test. Another twenty minutes of verbal questions, which she aced, and she sat at the start of the course waiting for the one ahead of her to get far enough away so as not to hinder her progress.

Getting the green light she made a graceful entrance onto the course. Once she cleared visual range with the center she pressed the on button for the VID. When asked she gave the computer Annalee’s number and waited for the connection to complete.

Suddenly Annalee appeared, her brunette curls bouncing as the teenager barely contained her excitement. “Karla! Finally!”

“Sorry, Annalee, but you know how long these silly tests take to even get started!”

“I know, I know, I’m just so excited!”

“Okay,” Karla laughed, “tell me already!”

“Ooh, wait, are you driving?” Annalee’s nose pressed against the screen as if she could see through Karla’s windshield.

“Yes, obviously, I’m on the DT course, just approaching the canyon.”

“Perfect!” Annalee screamed into the VID. “Okay, okay, you are never going to guess who is in my bed right now!”

“What? You mean like a boy?”


“Annalee I am trying to take a test here, there is a beautiful new car on the line, so I am not very interested in who your latest boytoy is right now, sorry!”

“Karla, Karla, how about I just show you?” Her hand reached up and turned the camera.

Karla glanced at the VID, then snapped her head back to the picture on the screen, “No way! Is this some kind of joke?!”

“Oh, this is no joke, Karla, it is the real thing.”

“You slept with my boyfriend?!”

“I wouldn’t call what we did sleeping, Karla. Of course, you didn’t tell me how wonderful Jason is in bed either!”

Karla’s eyes scanned the screen trying to find one piece of evidence to prove that this could not possibly be happening, “YOU SLEPT WITH MY BOYFRIEND?!”

Beep Beep Beep

Annalee smiled, “Like I said, I wouldn’t call it sleeping.”

“But, you’re my best friend! Best friends don’t do things like that!”

Beep Beep Beep

“Oh, really,” Annalee pouted, “well then, I guess we’re not best friends anymore.”

Beep Beep Beep

“Prove to me that’s Jason! Wake him up, right now, I want to talk to him!”

Beep Beep Beep

Annalee’s face filled the screen, “Aren’t you driving right now?”

Beep Beep Beep


Beep Beep Beep

Karla looked up, the mountain filled the windshield. “No!!!”

The VID went to black.


Annalee calmly removed the photo from in front of the camera revealing her empty bed.

She smiled serenely, “I guess we are going to have to watch some more “Don’t VID and Drive” videos at school. But, having Jason to console me through my loss makes it so worth it.”

Word Count = 846
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