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Do people complain too much?
The Complaining Epidemic

Habitual complainers are everywhere! They complain about the heat in the summer, leaves in autumn, the frigid temperatures of the winter, and allergies in the spring. Chronic complainers find something to complain about in every circumstance.

Nothing is ever enough for the chronic complainer. The more they have, the more they find to complain about. It seems like they will never be happy. Many people don't even realize the extent of their complaining. They walk around in oblivion while dragging people down all around them. Chronic complainers appear in constant annoyance about everything they see or hear, whether it be the tone in one's voice, the line at the grocery store, the annoying thing your friend did, your significant other, demanding bosses, traffic, professors, parents, police, terrible parking. You know the type. Maybe you're noticing that you habitually complain. The majority of people suffer from complaining to some degree. Have you ever been told you complain too much? Have you ever listened to yourself and felt self-conscious about how much complaining you have done within a conversation?

Constant complaining is usually a learned behavior. Environmental factors have contributed to the habit throughout one's life. When parents give in to children's whining and temper tantrums, it's teaching the child, that complaining about something for long enough will help them get their way. Another issue arises when parents complain nonstop, teaching their children negative habits. Children mirror the actions of their parents. What examples are you setting for your child's future?

Complaining is a domino effect that tears through communities like a natural disaster. You'll have a group of people who are generally satisfied with their situation. There may be a few things that are bothersome to them, but overall, it's nothing they can't deal with. Then there are one or two miserable individuals. Everything out of their mouth is a complaint. They highlight and annunciate all of those little quirks to the people near them that at one point only irked them. Suddenly, they're thinking, yeah, you know what, that does drive me nuts! That isn't fair! When you have negative energy, it tends to overpower and break down the positivity in the room. Negative people are like vampires; they suck the life out of everyone they come in contact with. Eventually what happens is instead of a group of, let's say, 18 satisfied people and two negative nancies; it evolves into two happy people and 18 bitter individuals who become stuck on the idea of complaining because their focus shifted through their environment.

The world needs a more significant population of non-complainers. Will Bowen is the founder of Complaint Free, a 21-day program to help break the habit of complaining. Complaining is one of the most common forms of communication and by far one of the most toxic. Bowen's program is the positive growth we need in the world. It's 21-days that could change your life and the lives around you. Don't be that dark force in the room. Be the light you want to see. Bowen's program works by wearing a purple Complaint Free bracelet for 21 consecutive days without complaining. On Day One, you wear the bracelet to begin the program. If you complain, switch the bracelet to the opposite wrist and you are set back to Day One. According to the program, the average person takes 4-8 months to complete the 21-day challenge successfully. Don't give up! It takes years to form bad habits; it's not going to change overnight. Changing yourself is hard work, but the results are worth the effort.
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