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The healing power of Excommunication
Homosexual clergy in the Catholic church is exposed for the perversion that it is. Sadly, nothing was done and nothing is being done to resolve this plague, this dark mark on the soul of the church. The hierarchy of the church is all talk and no action. I will not elaborate further on this subject. It has been talked into the ground.

Andrew Cuomo – Governor of NY and a professed Catholic, signed into law one of the most evil and destructive abortion laws in the nation recently. He did this act in the name of and on behalf of Catholicism, directly linking his faith and his actions to the killing of babies in the womb.

It could not be clearer that this man should have been Excommunicated from the church on the spot. He was not because the clergy and hierarchy of the Catholic church are cowards. They don't want to make waves. Governor Cuomo is a powerful man. Is he more powerful than the Church? Is he more powerful than Jesus? I'll let the Democratic party answer those questions for you.

Phil Murphy – Governor of NJ and professed Catholic used his Catholicism recently to support his case for assisted suicide and then signed the bill into law in his state. He said that he “prayed in his faith for guidance to sign the suicide bill into law.” The Catholic Judicial authorities stood on the sidelines and gave this man a pass. By doing so they are complicit in his crimes. Who is going to step up and protect our innocent citizens from these legalized murders and murderers?

Again, Excommunication was not executed in this instance to resolve this issue, these hideous crimes against humanity. Does the Catholic faith now answer to the Democratic Party and their demonic agenda?

Joe Biden – Former Senator from Delaware, who defines himself as Catholic, is not an ordained Catholic priest in the Catholic church. Why is he performing a homosexual marriage between two men as a Catholic on August 2, 2016? Why is he not being taken to task for the odd behavior he displays on live TV and behind the scenes over the many years between himself and minor children and the obvious inappropriate behavior he has had with women on live TV and behind the scenes? He tells us that he is a, “Tactile candidate.” Isn't there another word for that kind of behavior? Should the church and the public overlook these matters simply because Mr. Biden has power?

If this isn't a case for excommunication from the Catholic church I don't know what is.

Has the Catholic Church become the Democratic Party? Has too much tolerance skewed the concept of justice and canonical law? Are we going to be dealing with the laws of God or the laws of man moving forward?

The good news is; It is not the priests or even the pope who defines us as a religious group. Each individual in the church is either a good or bad Catholic or pretending to be one. There are over 1.28 billion of us as of 2019. We are not all bad. Those among us who are bad should be taken to task. Those who are pretending should do the right thing and leave.
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