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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2188960
Angelo is assigned to protect Gabriella but can he remain angelic
Watching Gabriella dance across her room brings a smile to my face and flutters to my stomach. I know I shouldn't feel the way I do about her. I was assigned to protect her, to be her guardian angel, yet every time I look at her, I want to hold her and protect her in my own way. Maybe this is how all the angels feel. Gabriella's my first mortal to watch over, so I have no previous experiences to reflect on or compare to—not that I'd ever compare Gabriella to anyone. God, no. She's the most incredible mortal I've ever known.

A piercing ring blares next to me on Gabriella's nightstand. She races toward her phone and hops over her bed to reach it, jumping through me along the way. She shivers and rubs her hands across her goosebumped arms to warm herself. "It got cold in here all of a sudden."
I want to reach out and warm her, but I'm the reason for her chills. I ache to reveal myself, but it's against the rules. Gabriella chats away on her phone call with her beloved grandmother, and while she's facing the other way, I pull her blanket closer. She looks down and smiles with her pearly whites then covers herself with the comforter.
I am protecting her, I tell myself. The ring on my finger vibrates, signaling for my return. I reach out and run my fingers through her honey blonde curls, wishing I could give a proper goodbye.


"Angelo, What do you think you're doing?" archangel Yadum snaps at me.

"My assignment. I was assigned to Garbriella."

"You were assigned to be her guardian angel, not to fall in love with a mortal!" Yadum circles me, eyeing me with a fierce hold.

"I can't help who I have feelings for, but I didn't do anything wrong. I haven't revealed myself."

"If you don't end this, or if it dare goes further, you will lose your immortality and angelic powers. Be wise." Before I can respond, Yadum disappears. I can't tell if he made himself invisible or if he actually left, but I don't care. I'm just glad the conversation is over—for now. The energy and warmth that Gabriella brought to me earlier have vanished. The only way I'll feel better is to be near her, plus I need to assure she's okay. It is my job after all, feelings or not.


I climb into the passenger seat of Gabriella's Buick, snuggling into the couch-like comfort. I sigh and remind myself that I can't risk losing my powers or jeopardizing my assignment to protect her. She cranks up the volume on a song I've never heard before and giggles. Her entire face lights up, and her eyes sparkle golden-green. Gabriella whips her car out of the driveway, knocking over all the garbage cans on her way out. "Whoops, sorry Dad!" She chuckles and bites her lip. I shift in my seat, for once glad she can't see me. Gabriella races her Buick down the road, toying with the car next to her. She's going 30 mph over the speed limit. I can't let anything happen to her. I climb over to her seat and sit on her lap with a smile across my face. I press down on the breaks just enough to slow the car to the speed limit.

"What the hell?" Gabriella shrieks. "Stupid car! I knew I should have gotten it serviced."

A yellow light is approaching, and Gabriella is attempting to slam on the gas. With my foot pressed firmly against the break, the car refuses to move. She slams her hand against the steering wheel and mumbles, "Stupid car." Before the light has a chance to turn red, an SUV runs the light on the side road and crashes into two cars. One of the cars flips and remains upside down. Gabriella screams and grips the steering wheel. Under her breath, she whispers, "Not a stupid car."

I move back to the passenger seat and rub her back to comfort her. Gabriella leans back into my embrace and closes her eyes. Maybe it is possible. My ring vibrates, calling me to attention is all aspects of my life.


"I'm switching your assignment, Angelo. You'll have a young boy who is accident prone. He'll keep you nice and busy," Yadum reports while he circles me, as usual.

"What? No! I just saved her life!" I spin with him, turning to keep his eye contact.

"You're not fooling anybody, Angelo. Your ring is already transferred to the boy. His name is Nickoli. When you press the button, you'll go to him this time. You won't be able to find her anymore. It's over, Angelo." Yadum rests his hand on my shoulder then disappears with a sigh.

My body sinks to the floor, and I cover my face in my hands for what feels like forever. Tears trickle down my face for the first time as an angel. It feels strange and oddly human. When I compose myself, I press the button on my ring, ready to meet Nickoli and watch over him. I close my eyes and open them again but I'm still in the same place I was before, resting on my personal cloud. I press the button again and again, but nothing happens.

Yadum's voice makes me jump, "Well, it appears we have a problem." His arms are crossed, which is never a good sign, and his eyebrows are forming a solid v on his forehead.

"My button isn't working." I fight back a smile and manage my best upset expression.

Yadum rolls his eyes. "That's because you've lost your powers, Angelo." I gasp, and my eyes dart down to my body. I touch myself from head to toe, trying to figure out if I'm here still—if this is real. "Relax, you won't disappear. Your system won't allow you to be reassigned, but it also won't return your powers unless they're used for Gabriella."

Relief washes over me, draining all my previous tension from my body. I feel lighter, happier, free. I want to hug Yadum, but he's not really the affectionate type. "When can I go back to her?"

"Your ring won't work until you're with her, so I'm going to transfer you there myself. Don't mess this up or you will end up disappearing, and I won't be able to help you."

I nod in agreeance and Yadum holds my hands and sends me to my beautiful Gabriella.

She's in her room, in front of her mirror testing out different dance moves. This is my opportunity. I can reveal myself. She has one arm held loosely in front of her for her imaginary dance partner, or in this case, me. I slide into her grip and mirror her movement. She's a graceful dancer and moves with delicacy. She lifts one arm in the air and twirls herself, giggling at her silliness. Gabriella attempts to lean back but loses her balance. I catch her just in time. She gasps and looks at the ground, realizing she's hanging in mid-air. Her body tenses and she tries to squirm from my grip. I don't want her to be afraid of me.

I reveal myself to Gabriella and continue dancing. My fingers brush against her cheek, and she shivers. "Oh my god, somebody has been here. I felt you. Who are you?"

I take a deep breath, unsure if my voice will even work, "I'm Angelo, your guardian angel."

Gabriella smiles. "Hi, Angelo."

"I've wanted to reveal myself for a long time but didn't want to scare you."

"I'm not scared. You're beautiful. I've never seen anything shine so incredibly in my life." She reaches out to touch me, and for once, I allow her to. "Did you save me earlier. From that car?"


Gabriella leans in, and soft pink lips brush against mine. She tastes like sweet strawberries and vanilla mixed with her incredible uniqueness. I wrap my arms around her body, holding in her warmth. I kiss her back with an urgency, my tongue exploring hers, learning all I can about Gabriella.

"Wait. You'll still be my guardian angel, right?" She laughs but looks worried, her brows and forehead wrinkle.

"Of course." I lift her chin and kiss her. "Always."

Word Count: 1,392
© Copyright 2019 Dominique (mindexplore4 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2188960