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by NikkiR
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One-page synopsis for new novel project
Jacob Ross is a young man entering his freshman year of college, Jacob dreams of making his life more than that of his parents and leaving his hometown to be a success elsewhere. When his classes start, Jacob has a shock at the volume of work already needed and time is not his friend when he tries to balance his football schedule, studying and social life, Jacob figures that he is doing enough work to scrape through the courses with passing grades however when he gets his first set of assignments back, Jacob is scared that he’s not going to get through his first semester let alone graduate in four years. Meanwhile, Emily, a college junior is tracking down a student’s paper to earn some cash from the student, she sneaks into the tutor’s office and starts rifling through his paperwork, only to be caught by Michael, she manages to blag her way out of trouble and then tries to hit on him as a means to distracting him from reporting her, she succeeds but not in the way she thinks. Jacob starts studying in the library in all of his downtime and finds a small envelope between two books on the shelf, he thinks about handing it in but decides to leave it there, not knowing what it is for, five minutes later he sees Emily slip another larger envelope between the same books and take the envelope of money, after Emily leaves Jacob goes over to the envelope and sees the paperwork and realises what was happening. A few days Jacob receives more poor marks on his work and his fear of failing all his courses ramps up, Jacob sees Emily in the library making another drop and approaches her about getting exam papers, she tells him it won’t be cheap and won’t be a quick job and Jacob tells her he’s prepared to wait.

Jacob and some of his friends decide to head out from campus one weekend to relax and have some fun deciding to play a game of basketball at one of the local parks, when they are there they get into a game with a group of guys, Jacob gets talking to one of them, Michael, and they end up flirting, though Jacob doesn’t realise that is what happens and doesn’t realise he is being hit on when Michael gives him his number. They start talking during the week via text and arrange to hang at the weekend, they spend time together and get to know one another and Jacob tells Michael is a student at the college and that he is struggling with his work, Michael presumes Jacob is at a different college to the one where he works and continues the courtship, even letting it go as far as kissing John. Meanwhile, demand for Emily’s services ramps up and she is struggling to be able to get all the documents students are after, especially since security has ramped up and slowed her down. Needing to move the heat off her and onto someone else, Emily decides to enlist some help, she follows Jacob off campus and sees him kissing Michael. Later, Michael is on campus between classes and spots Jacob with some friends, in complete denial, Michael tells himself he is visiting friends on campus, their relationship is going well, the pair not rushing things since Jacob has never been in a gay relationship before, and Michael doesn’t want to ruin things between them.

Jacob is feeling more positive about his ability when he receives his next set of assignments back and sees improvements in his grades, he still needs to stay on top of the work to get the grades he needs but finally believes he is capable of doing it. Jacob and Michael go out on a date and Jacob admits to Michael that he thought about cheating and trying to get hold of exam papers, Michael is dismayed at the confession but Jacob assures him he won’t be going through with it as his grades are improving. Emily sees Jacob on campus and asks him to meet her in the library later that evening, when he goes along to tell her he doesn’t need the papers anymore but she blackmails him into helping her with her services when she shows him a video of him kissing Michael, Jacob is scared that she will out him when he hasn’t come to terms with his sexuality and agrees to hold the papers for her. Jacob meets with Michael and Jacob is distracted constantly looking around making sure no one is watching, Michael notices it and tries to offer support, Jacob appreciates it but pulls away when Michael goes to kiss him, Jacob explains that someone has threatened to ‘out’ him after seeing them together, this in turn concerns Michael as he can’t afford to lose his job. Later Emily gets hold of Jacob and tells him she is sending someone to his dorm room who will give him an envelope of cash for one of the papers, Jacob tries to fight it but she simply threatens him again, this time sending
a picture of him and Michael.

Emily’s client turns up at his dorm room and they make the drop, Jacob looks around when the guy enters the room making sure no one suspects anything, as the guy leaves and gives Jacob the money, in an envelope, John’s roommate turns up and sees the exchange. Jacob meets up with Emily to give her the money and she gives him a small about back as a gesture, she also tells him she’ll send someone else later in the week, Jacob wants to fight it but knows it is not worth it. Jacob goes to see Michael, wanting to get advice on how to get out of the trouble he is in, when he goes to tell Michael he bottles it and doesn’t tell him the full story, just expands a little on the threats to out him, Michael is both sympathetic and scared, he wants to support Jacob but his concern is growing about his future and he knows the advice he is giving is not helpful to John. Emily sets up another client visit for Jacob and he follows the same process as before, though exchanges the money in the room rather than in the dorm room, straight after the client leaves his dorm room campus security barge in and ask him to step out so they can search his room. Jacob is questioned by security and they try to pin the whole scheme on him threatening to report him to the police.

During a morning brief with his team, Michael is advised to be on the watch for students or unauthorised people being present in offices as there is an exam stealing scheme, his boss notes that Security has apprehended Jacob Ross in connection, Michael hears the name and reacts. Emily has also heard of John’s arrest and breaks into his dorm room to get the papers she gave him; she turns his dorm room upside down trying to find them with no luck, John’s roommate comes back from class and finds their dorm room in a mess and he calls Security who adjust their theory, believing Jacob had an accomplice, Jacob refuses to give the name, scared his secret will come out. Michael goes to the security team to see if he can speak to Jacob but they won’t allow it, they do let him give a character reference and as he is about to leave he remembers the girl he found in his office towards the beginning of term, Security goes into Jacob and convince him to help with a sting and the sentence will be lessened, Jacob reluctantly makes a call to Emily and sets up a meet. Emily goes to the agreed meeting point, wary that she is being set up, when she sees Jacob she can tell he is nervous as he looks around, particularly in one direction, she calls him on it before they make the exchange and she tries to leave without the paper, desperate to be able to make the money she needs, Emily dives at John, grabs the envelope of papers and runs, but Security were too quick and she is arrested. Emily pleads her case explaining her situation and the college give her leniency, loses privileges, put on probation and ordered to attend counseling on a weekly basis; Jacob is put on probation and loses privileges on campus for the next semester however he is able to complete his exams and feels positive when he comes out of his last exam as he is returning to his dorm he bumps into Michael, Jacob is surprised to see him and believes Michael is visiting site to see him before he heads home, then he realises Michael is wearing college clothing and puts two and two together.
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