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Intro-Reaction to Power

A Scythe has many responsibilities as well as a large impact on humanity. Only a Scythe has the power to rob someone of their life, you could kill yourself by splatting, jumping out a window, being pushed in front of a bus, and so much more, when this happens you are immediately rushed to the nearest revival center and brought back to life. When a Scythe does it there is no revival center. It is crucial that a Scythe understands the responsibility of what they do. In the book Scythe, by Neal Shusterman, Citra Terranova and Rowan Damisch start to see how the different Scythes' respond to power and how every action has an equal opposite reaction.

Body Paragraph 1
Scythe Faraday-How he responds to power/how he chooses who to glean
~Scythe's Apprentice-Rowan-how faraday's actions affect them
~Scythe's Apprentice-Citra- "                               "

At the bottom of page 23 Scythe Faraday shows us how every action has an equal opposite reaction, " 'Removing old age from the equation, statistics from the Age of Mortality cit 7 percent of deaths as being automobile-related. Of those, 31 percent involved the use of alcohol, and of those, 14 percent were teenagers.' " " '. . .One out of every three hundred thirty-three. Your friend here just got a new car and has a record of drinking to excess. So, of the teens who fit the profile, I made a random choice.' " Upon hearing this Kohl, the boy who was going to be gleaned finally understood how his actions had an equal opposite reaction, obviously you could not die from an overdose or a car crash but in the Age of Mortality, you could.

Body Paragraph 2
Scythe Curie
~~Scythe's Apprentice-Citra

         " 'A sense that they've been here too long. A sense that they're ready to . . . conclude, whether they know it or not.' . . . 'Do you see how he holds his shoulders, as if there is an invisible weight upon them?' . . . 'Can you see how he walks--a little less intently than those around him?' . . . 'Do you notice how scuffed his shoes are, as if he doesn't care anymore?' " On pages 183 and 184 show how she responds to her job as a Scythe, the major difference between Scythe Currie and Scythe Faraday is Scythe Faraday knew who he was going to glean ahead of time compared to Scythe Currie who looked for someone who knew his time was up.

Body Paragraph 3
Scythe Goddard-Loves it
~Junior Scythe Rand-Follows Goddard and Beliefs
~Junior Scythe Chomsky-Follows Goddard and Beliefs
~Junior Scythe Volta-Resents Goddard and his Beliefs-Can Read Peoples general thoughts
~~Scythe's Apprentice-Rowan

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