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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Supernatural · #2189144
I hired a witch on eBay, only to get an uncomfortable result.
Return to Sender

Years ago, I decided to consult a real-life witch to reunite with a long, lost love. She promised me she could bring me back together with my longtime ex-boyfriend if only I would pay her to cast a spell for me. I had sent emails to him, with no reply. But I wanted him to take me back into his life.

I found her on eBay. All I did was search, “Love Spell,” and several true love spells appeared in my browser. I found love spell candles, talismans, herbal spell mixes, and… witches for hire.

So, I clicked on a link for, “True Love Return to Me Spell.” Sure enough, under the product description, the Wiccan offered her services to get me back together with a long-lost love, guaranteed or my money back.

So I clicked, “Add to Cart,” and then checked out using PayPal and my Visa card.

The next day, I heard from the Wiccan. She sent me a message, “Re: Your Recent Purchase.” In the message, she told me, “Merry Meet! My name is Black Feather, and I will be casting your spell tonight. All I would like you to do is spend about a half-hour meditating about your true love. During this time, I will be preparing my altar for magic.

Center yourself. And by this I mean find a quiet place to sit, imagine a white light around you, and clear your thoughts. At midnight, Pacific Time, I will be using candles and altar supplies to cast the spell.

I am a very powerful witch. You can trust me to get the job done. All you need is trust and an open mind for this to work.

As I cast the spell at midnight, you might feel a little bit tingly. This is all part of the spell. When you start to feel tingly, lie down and close your eyes. The sensation you feel means the spell is working.

In the morning, your spell will come true.”

So, I sent a reply that I would do as she said, trust her, and keep an open mind.

That night, a half-hour before midnight, I found a quiet spot, which was my bedroom. I sat down and pictured a white light around me. I cleared my thoughts. I envisioned my ex-boyfriend.

So, when midnight came, I was nervous. I started to have thoughts that it would never work. But I was determined that it would.

And then something unexpected happened. I started to have gas pains. I didn’t think it was anything I ate. The pain became so strong that I had to run to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. It was diarrhea.

The next morning, I woke up feeling a little better. I was also curious as to whether the spell had worked or not.

I checked my email and there was a message from my ex-boyfriend! “Please do not write back,” he said.

The next day I bought the spell from the Wiccan again. I added it to my cart again, used PayPal, and paid again.

The same thing happened. I had diarrhea at midnight. Before I went to bed, I sent my ex-boyfriend another email.

In the morning, I received the same kind of reply, only this one was angrier. “Please do not write back,” he said. “If you do, I will be forced to notify the police that you are stalking me.”

So I gave up. I went through the motions of life while feeling depressed and hopeless on the inside. I could not get over my ex-boyfriend.

I thought I had one more chance to get back together with him, and that was by ignoring his warning that he was going to call the police. Only this time I would not use Black Feather’s services, because I figured by now that she was an evil witch, one who did the opposite as she promised. I even tried to get my money back on eBay, but strangely, the seller apparently did not exist anymore.

So I sent my ex-boyfriend a love letter to the address I believed to be his home. I also wrote to old friends, family members, and acquaintances. I desperately wanted someone with whom to talk.

In the weeks that followed, I received many letters with the words, “Return to Sender,” on them. The first one was the letter I had sent to my ex-boyfriend. The other ones were the ones I had sent to my friends, family, and people I had met in passing.

I was starting to panic. Could I not find one companion?

Years later, and after many talks with the police, because my ex-boyfriend did end up notifying them, my ex-boyfriend still did not want to get back together with me.

All I can think was that she cast the Return to Sender spell on me, which was actually a curse. One day I received a friend request from her on social media, but I was so frightened of her that I did not accept her friend request. Later, I felt bad and liked her professional page, but I had no way of legally asking for my money back anymore.

All I know is that Black Feather cursed me. I just don’t know how. She promised me true love, but all I got was crap in return.
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