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Cassie looks for her grandmother's ring.
Using the key under the doormat, Cassie entered the house via the front door. It was dark, cold and creaked in a way that made you think someone stalked behind you. Cassie looked over her shoulder, nothing there. A floorboard creaked underfoot. She froze, her heartbeat thundering.

When nothing occurred, she moved forward once again, this time silence reigned. She made it to the refrigerator which was an enormous affair with two doors, one fridge, one freezer. Sliding on a glove, she opened the freezer door as quietly as she could. Her breath puffed out as the chilly air spilled over her and leaning in, she used a flashlight to peruse the interior. There. That jar, that was what she needed. Pulling it out gingerly she moved to the kitchen counter allowing the freezer door to close behind her gently.

Setting the jar on the bench Cassie began to unscrew it, using a dishcloth to dampen the sound. Inch by inch, the lid unscrewed and she slipped her gloved hand inside. It was there, her grandmother’s ring, plucking it out of the jar she placed it in her right pocket. Sliding the plastic ring from her left pocket, she put it in the jar and as carefully as before screwed the lid back on. Placing the container back in the freezer she quietly left the house.

Walking down the driveway, hidden by a hedge she fished the ring out of her pocket, slid it on her finger, and instantly disappeared. This time things must have changed, she never used the front door, did she?

Had she been more observant she would have seen an image of herself quietly bending down to the doormat to obtain the key to the front door.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2189415