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All that glitters...
He Thought For a Moment He Was Rich

Monday morning’s meteoric minute:
A poor old fellow grew suddenly rich,
The lottery, no; he’d never win it,
He saw a sparkle on the sidewalk which

Shimmered and glittered like a diamond,
He hurriedly hobbled, quickened his pace,
Faster than a blaster, double-time and,
The lone runner in this high-income race.

But when he arrived it was just a bust,
The sun illumined crumpled cellophane,
Wealth, just like that, blown away in a gust,
Easy come, easy go, no loss, no gain.

Written for the "The Poetic Pen".
Prompts: 12 lines total with four lines in 3 stanzas, rhyme scheme: abab cdcd efef, and same syllable count in each line.
Devices used (must use a minimum of 4): (enter the ones you used).

Lesson one: Alliteration line one
Lesson two: Simile line five
Lesson three: Sense of sight line four
Lesson four: Onomatopoeia lines 4, 5, 6,10,11
Each line ten syllables
Rhymes: minute-win it; rich-which; diamond-time and; pace-race; bust-gust; cellophane- down again
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