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A Syrian refugee is forced into marriage
The Child Bride

“None of this makes any sense!” I pleaded.

“Honey, we have no choice. The best option is for you to get married.” Mama said.

“But Mama I’m only 14.”

“Now that we are living in this refugee camp it’s the best way we can protect you from violence. Lamar is a man who will keep you safe and provide for you.”

“I don’t want to get married; I’m too young! I want to go back to school!”

In our home country of Syria I was able to go to school. I want to be a doctor someday and I know I can achieve that goal if I study hard. That was before the war. I was happy before the war; Mama and I would go to the market every day, we would pray at our Mosque and on weekends I would play with my neighbor, Nalani. I lost track of Nalani once the war started. I wonder if her parents are making her get married too. I wish I could talk to her.

I had no choice about getting married. A couple of weeks after my parents brought up the idea of marriage, we went to a booth at the camp that had wedding dresses that were made specifically for young girls.

“Mama, this dress is too itchy.”I said.

“Don’t worry, sweetie you only have to wear it for the ceremony.”

The morning of the wedding, my mama helped me get dressed, fixed my hair and applied my make-up. Before we left for the marriage ceremony, she told me what I should expect on my wedding night. I was scared and I felt sick to my stomach. As we approached the mosque, I could see Lamar waiting for me. This felt like a nightmare. This can’t be happening, I thought.

WC: 300
Prompt: “None of this makes any sense”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2189988