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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2190216
When you're lost, look within yourself. You never know what you'll find.
I'm running through the woods, passing tree after tree. Jumping over broken branches and mud. I'm almost there...suddenly I see a light up ahead. I run to it as fast as I can, then I stop. I'm facing the light, such a magnificent white light. It lowers to the ground, there's a spot where there is a big circle. The light comes back up and moves back. I walk into the circle, I feel waves of energy throughout my body. I can feel my body getting stronger, the energy moves to my chest and into my hands and finger tips. My eyes are closed and I bring my hands up in front of my chest. I move my hands toward each other as if I'm praying but I leave a space in between. I feel the energy coming out through my fingers, then I open my eyes, look straight ahead and push my hands forward sending the energy away...*BEEP BEEP BEEP* I wake up. It was all a dream...I get up and walk down the long hall of the castle. I meet my family in the dining room. My father dressed in his black silk suit, my sisters wearing their sparkly dresses, makeup done, hair curled. "Good morning Savannah," my father says. "Good morning," I reply. My mother died when I was young, I was very much like her, I didn't care about dressing up and wearing makeup. I wear black jeans with graphic shirts and jackets. I have black painted nails, blonde streaks in my hair with black tips. "Why do you always dress like that?" my sister Amela said in a snobby voice. "Because I like it. Sorry that I'm not into the prissy ways you are, Amela," I replied in a sharp tone. She just scowled and rolled her eyes and went back to talking with the others. I got up and looked out the window.

Night fell and my father came into my room to speak with me. "Savannah, I know you may feel like an outsider around your sisters but you're just like your mother. She had a gift, a very special gift. She was able to do things like you couldn't imagine.She had a power inside of her that abled her to move objects, make things explode, and make things better." Once he told me this I started thinking of my dream. "Father, I need to tell you something." I explained my dream to him and he wasn't surprised to hear this. "You have the same gift your mother had," he replied. "Did she die using this power?" I asked sadly. "Yes...yes she did, but don't let that scare you. I want you to learn how to use this power. Confront it and make it your own." He kissed my forehead and I went to sleep. That night I had the same exact dream except little, colorful sparks and strings of energy were dancing all around me. The next morning I woke up and went outside. I started walking deep in the woods. Then, I came to an open area where there was just dried up grass and mud. I looked down and saw the circle. I looked back to my dream...the waves of energy, how I felt so relaxed, but could feel the power growing inside of the ball of energy I forced through my hands. I stepped forward slowly, before I stepped in the circle, I took a deep breath and exhaled. I walked into the circle. I started to feel the waves of energy building up through my body. I was still breathing perfectly normal, inhaling, exhaling. My eyes were closed and I felt the waves move to my chest then down my arms to my hands. The energy was now sparking my finger tips, I raised my hands in front of my chest like I was praying but leaving space between them like in my dream. Suddenly I felt the energy leave my fingers and form in my hands. I opened my eyes and saw I was holding a very beautiful, colorful ball of energy. I breathed in then exhaled, looked up and pushed the energy away. I imagined it coming back and flying around me then back between my hands and it did exactly that! It came back, flew around my body and came back in front of me. I gasped but smiled, I realized I had just learned how to control this power! This power was now my own, and all my own! I could do anything with it! I found out the secret, using your mind, which is the most powerful weapon of all.

Night had fallen and I was walking home. The night was so still and peaceful. Pitch black sky with beautiful, little white stars. The smells from the roses lingered around the castle. I walked inside finding everyone had gone to bed. I strolled down the long hall to my room. I sat on my bed and looked out the window. I still couldn't believe I had mastered my power. I felt like I could do anything. With a yawn I laid on my bed and went to sleep. The next morning I found the weather was cloudy which made me very happy. I walked to the dining room and found my sisters in their bright colored juicy sweats and my father in his black, silk suit. "Where did you go yesterday? You were gone the whole day," Amela said. "I just went for a long walk," I replied. I ate my breakfast quickly then went to my room. I waited until my sisters and father left, then I went outside and walked back to the woods. I walked passed the tall trees and over the mud, then finally I found the circle. Right before I stepped into it, I heard Amela yell, "Savannah!" I turned, startled. I started running back to the castle, panting and sweating. Finally I stood in front of the castle with Amela. "What were you doing?" she asked sharply. "Just walking," I said. "Through the woods?" she asked confused. "Yes, down by the water," I replied. "Hm...okay then," she said suspiciously. "It's time for lunch," she turned around and walked back inside. I sighed in relief, turned back with a worried look and walked inside. At lunch, Amela kept giving me confused glares. I knew she would find out sooner or later what was going on. My father knew everything, I mean he was the one who told me about it. But, I didn't want my sisters to know. I knew they would just get all upset and jealous. I just had to be more careful.

That night it was raining but I could somehow still see the moon and stars, shining magnificently. I decided to sneak out to the woods. I really wanted to practice becoming more familiar with my powers. I put my big black jacket on, crept silently out the door, and headed for the woods. It was dark and pouring but I still found my way. I made it to the open area and walked toward the circle. As soon as I stepped in I felt the energy being created inside me. Before I knew it the ball of energy was between my hands. I smiled in such amazement at this fantastic magic. Suddenly, I heard a scream. I looked up, startled and started looking around me. It sounded like Amela. I started running ahead, the ball of energy still between my hands. Finally I made it out of the woods and to the lake. I saw bubbles at the surface, I forgot Amela can't swim! I wanted to save her but I didn't want to lose my concentration on my magic. Then I got an idea, I imagined using the power to get Amela out. I took my hands and forced them forward toward the water. In my mind I saw my hands flat and becoming fists to pull her out. Suddenly I heard a splash and a thud, I looked down and Amela was lying at my feet. I knelt down beside her and used the energy to wake her up. I put my hands at her chest and made the energy transfer to her. A second later I heard a gasp and saw her eyes were open. "Amela?" I asked soothingly. She coughed and replied, "Savannah?" "Are you okay?" I asked her, "Yes, I'm okay." she replied with a smile. "What happened after I fell in the water? I remember I was down there for a minute or so," she said. "I saved you Amela, with my power," I replied nervously. "Power?" she asked confused. "Yes, my power. See, mom had this power, she could do anything with it as long as she put her mind to it. I have the power which helped me to save you," I said. "That's why you were in the woods?" she asked. "Yes, that's why," I replied. "Oh...I'm sorry for being so mean to you, and thank you for saving me," she said with a smile. "Of course, we may be nothing alike, but you are still my sister," I said. All we could do was smile at each other. One thing we noticed a minute later was the rain had stopped and it was dawn. "Want to stay here and watch the sunrise?" she asked. "Absolutely,' I replied. We turned toward the lake and watched the horizon. This very moment with Amela was the best moment we had ever spent together. At that moment I knew my power would get stronger, as well as Amela and I.
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