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Rated: 18+ · Sample · Tragedy · #2190525
10 Seconds of Real Life Described in 300-700 Words w/o Internal Dialogue
Joe throws a bag crawling with spiders into the back of the green garbage truck. His body quivers and he turns from the truck. He examines his attire and shakes out his clothes. Walter turns onto Monroe Street. An open road. He smiles and presses his foot down on the pedal of his grey Toyota Corolla. The engine roars like an untamed beast. He peels down the isolated city street, gaining momentum. A garbage truck is parked on an angle, blocking a portion of the street. Walter rolls his eyes and adds pressure to the gas. His left-hand spins the steering wheel, with only his palm and whips the car around the trash truck. The sound of metal crushing through bones and flesh rips through the air, attracting attention from the entire city street. Joe's body flies through the air; blood and teeth spraying in various directions. Screams from bystanders echo off the highrises. Neon orange and yellow flows through the air, mixed with the crimson red blood, in a messy array of color. His neon work attire didn't matter today. Watchful eyes wait for the worker to land. His body comes crashing down. Glass rips through the air, littering the asphalt. The shape of his body has outlined and molded what's left of the windshield. The continuous movement of the vehicle jolts him forward causing the crowd to scream. Joe slides down the hood of the car. The buttons of his jeans scrape against the metal, screeching like nails on a chalkboard. His body tumbles to the pavement, bouncing his head off the cement. Joe's eyes are closed and he appears lifeless.
Walter slows the vehicle to a stop then reverses and races from the scene. A crowd of pedestrians runs to Joe, searching for his pulse or any sign of life. A woman taps his check repeatedly, yelling into his face. His eyes flicker to life, but only open a slit. "wha-- where am I?" Joe mumbles.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2190525