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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2190541
The Avenger Friends come together to fight their most dastardly enemy, Thanos, and minions
Late, on the Isle of Patmos, the showdown of history was unfolding. The Avengers had just discovered a way to recover the infinity stones, and now they were in the battle of a lifetime, overcoming the Tyrant, Thanos, and making the world a safer place, for all living beings.

“I'm ready,” said Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. “When do we set this party aflight?”

“We're not quite ready yet,” said Captain America, from the other side of the island.

“What's wrong,” said Tony. “Johnny-me-boy's got a mystical itch? Give 'em a back-scratcher and look away.”

“No, he's looking for something,” said Captain America. “Did you find Thanos?”

“Not yet,” said Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel. “We're still searching for him.”

Captain Marvel happened to be flying through the air, about ten feet away from where Iron Man was flying. The hardest part was that they had nothing. They didn't have the infinity gauntlet, the stones, or the Tyrant, Thanos.

“Wait, what's that?” said Tony, pointing to a flickering light on the east end of the Isle of Patmos.

“Let's check it out,” said Carol.

They flew lower and landed on the eastern shores. The sun would be down for another six hours, at least.

“Right there,” said Tony, reaching into the dirt.

After a quick pull, he found it. The infinity gauntlet, full of stones, connected to a green arm. With Carol Danver's help, they were able to unearth the body.

“She Hulk?” said Carol.

“Guess gauntlet is a girl's best friend,” said Tony.


Tony was struck from behind, knocking him unconscious. Carol looked behind her to see an extremely pale-skinned man with fangs.

“Dracula!” said Carol.

“All for Lord Thanos,” said Dracula, as he grabbed Carol by the throat.

Reflexively, Carol shot a beam of UV light directly into Dracula's Face.

“The sun cannot hide me,” said Dracula, as his face burned. “I am not of this earth, not anymore.”

Carol then proceeded to kick him in the face, loosening his grip and allowing her to escape.
She then quickly grabbed the infinity gauntlet and flew away.

“But of course she would fly away,” said Dracula. “A bag has wings too.”

“Dracula then proceeded to sprout large wings, a wingspan of over ten feet.

He the took off, claws extended, in Carol's wake.

“I will tear you limb from limb, mortal,” said Dracula as he chased her through the sky.

Carol put her fist back and shot a blast of UV light in his direction as she moved forward through the sky.

“What's happenin', Carol?” said Wolverine, on the northern end.
“Just a bloodsucker trying to get his due,” said Carol.

“Why don't you just lead him over here?” said Wolverine.

Carol tried to keep up the pace, but Dracula was quickly gaining on her. Nothing could stop Dracula's unrelenting pace.

Then, suddenly, a blast of energy came from the ground, knocking Dracula, the Light Bender, out of the sky.

“Great shot, Cyclops,” said Wolverine. “You got any more where that came from?”

With a giant thud, Dracula hit the floor. Carol continued on.

“I'm gonna need some help, Cap,” said Carol. “Cap?”

“Hold on,” said Captain America. “We've found it.”

“Jesus' Tomb?” said Carol.

“Precisely,” said Captain America.

Lo and behold, Captain America and John, Jesus' favorite disciple, were standing in front of Jesus' tomb.

“Well,” said John. “Can you move the stone in front?”

“I'll see,” said Captain America.

“No, we'll see,” said War Machine.

Then out of nowhere, War Machine came into the fray. His suit had been optimized to offer twenty-three percent more power for the same amount of input.
Captain America stood by the stone in front of Jesus' tomb, and War Machine landed right next to him and took his position on the stone.

“Ready, set, one, two...”

Then they proceeded to open the tomb all the way. When they opened the tomb, they peered inside.

“Jesus?” said War Machine. “I don't hear anything.”

They then proceeded to walk into the tomb. They looked around. All they found was some empty rags.

“So, there was no Jesus?” said Captain America. “The opus upon which I based my entire career as Captain America, the blood of Jesus Christ, was all a fake?”

“Keep it together,” said War Machine. “It's gonna be okay. “

They then proceeded to walk out of the tomb. The night was especially harsh when they got outside. The darkness enveloped them. There was no way out, this time.

“Cap,” said Carol. “Did you find him?”

“No,” said Captain America. “There is no-”


Captain America and War Machine then looked behind them, and found that Jesus was standing outside of the tomb, next to his disciple, John.

“Jesus,” said War Machine.

“I have come to your time...to be sacrificed again.” said Jesus.

“You guys found him?” said Carol. “You guys found Jesus?”

“Yeah,” said Captain America. “You guys had better get over here with that infinity gauntlet.”

“Walk with me,” said Jesus. “And I shall make you fishers of men.”

Jesus, Captain America, War Machine and John the disciple walked away from the beach, toward the central part of the Isle of Patmos. The night seemed more magical, now that they had the King of Kings and Lord Lords on their side. When they came across an outdoor altar, Jesus Stopped.

“You think that it's over, because I'm here,” said Jesus. “Verily, verily, I see unto thee: it is just beginning. Thine Shield has meddled thus too far in the business of infinity.”

Just then, a bunch of metallic tentacles sprout up from the ground and wrapped themselves around Jesus' body.

Thanos dropped in from the sky, looking as menacing as ever.
“Who...is this man,” said Thanos, looking over at Jesus' limp body.

“He's the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He's our savior,” said Captain America.

“I would like to be saved,” said Thanos,” then a jolt of electricity went through Jesus' body.
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