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What I live for.
The joy of your life should be what fills your life. It should be what you wake up thinking about every morning and your last thought at night. I have two joys of my life.

The biggest joy in my life is my immediate family. There is me, my loving boyfriend and our gorgeous cat, Tiddles. There is nothing my boyfriend and I won’t do for each other, and there is nothing we won’t do for Tiddles. We love each other and spend each day doing everything we can to make each other happy. Our cat is even in tune with the emotions me and my boyfriend experience. She comes up happily cooing and meowing for pets and loves when she knows we are happy and contented. We love playing with her, so each time she senses unpleasant emotions in the house, she is up with her ball in her mouth asking to play. You can’t look at that beautiful, little face and say no. Throwing her ball for her to catch puts us in a much better mood as we watch how much fun it is for her. My boyfriend and I are there to comfort and sooth each other when times are tough.

The second joy of my life is “Transition To Success”. I wake up eagerly planning what I will create for the lovely ladies in my group. Currently all my thoughts are about my membership site which I hope will be a great asset to my group members. I love it when my ladies like my posts in our group. I love their comments about my posts. I love knowing that I am there, eager to make a difference in their lives and their businesses.

These two things fill my life with excitement and joy. What are the joys in your life? Share them with me in the comments.

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